Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CelPrev Gunpla Advisory (Nov-Dec 2011)


Might have to delay the next two Oplan I[G]D omakes and the Gundoom review for next month. Seems this model kit is slowly becoming a similar problem child to the RG RX-78, particularly in the beam effects department. 

Anyway, let's look at the what's what on the Gunpla scene over the next few months...

GB 1/100 Gundam AGE-2 [Jan 2012, Y2800 (~Php1400-1500)] - Straight out of the Gundam AGE series, but yet to appear on the same. Quite diggin' the sleeker look from the AGE-1, but not the screw holes on the sides.

Still, I'd rather be waiting for a model kit release of this - The AGE-3. Particularly in HG (AGE) 1/144 form please... ^^

HG (AGE) G-EXES [Dec 2011, Y1260 (~Php700-800)] - One of the cleanest non-Gundam (probably gundam-ish) designes from the AGE line. Shoulders remind me of the V2 Buster Gundam, while the saber hilts are probably ripped off from Gundam 00 Season 2.

HGUC Unicorn Gundam 02 [Banshee] (Lion and Destroy Modes) [Jan 2012] - This will generate quite a bit more noise than the time its predecessor was released. The destroy mode is quite the sure-buy for me.

HG (SEED-Remastered) LaGOWE - Not much familiar with SEED-based MSes, but this one gets released alongside various re-releases in celebration of SEED's 10th anniv. (And to think Bandai did not give the After Colony suits any HGUC treatment these past months. Real smooth... <_<)

RG Skygrasper (w/ Sword and Launcher Packs) [Feb 2012, Y2500] - A good addition to the RG line, particularly for the Aile Strike. Quite doubtful as to the size though, compared to its Perfect Grade version.. '^^ Still, reserving this for a double-Real-Grade purchase in the near future... XD

Anyways, that's about it for now. See ya'll in December... ^^

Photos as usual from Gundam Guy


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