Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012

HG (AGE) 1/144 Zeydra AlterAxia Review


A few good news AND a whole lot of bad news...

The bad news first: due to dwindling funds, any future Gunpla purchases will have to be put on hold. I plan  to have everything running again by December. Just need to save a lot for the war chest...

And just when I'm seeing new kits expected for release in the final quarter of 2012 (RG ZETA, NOOOOOO!!!!)

The good news though: this actually gives me time to clear up the blog backlog. And we begin with what probably the final review for this year. An omake is scheduled later on...

So, shall we?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Album Review: Linkin Park's Living Things


Let's get this one thing straight. I am quite confused as to gauging this new album from the six-man rock band who previously brought Nu-Metal into mainstream media at the turn of the millennium. Especially with their previous album A Thousand Suns - which for me was the peak of their ambitiousness, music-wise - in mind; so the question stands: where to go next?

Friday, July 6, 2012

HGFC 1/144 Shining Gundam Review

Yeah, quite a long-delayed review this, considering the fact that I purchased this baby a few days before Christmas, roughly the same time as the Zaku F2000 (before I gave it the GS-A treatment.) Nonetheless, this is gonna be the very first time I merge the WIP with the review.

So time to get this overly-long and quite overdue review going... WITH THE HELP OF KYOO- *slaps...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Zoidiect's Base Zeydra GB: Project AlterAxia Quick Summary


Here comes another Skunkworks exclusive, this time in tune with The Zeydra Group Build/Kickcharge contest. In the first place, I did not intend to pick up any model kit from the Gundam Age series, since: one, I have not seen the series yet; and two, most of the mechs there do not appeal to me that much. Then came this bad boy, as piloted by some white-haired chap who stands in as a Char for this series.

Boxart is quite aplenty with the red bits, but why use yellow as well? Anyways...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

MS-06F2000/GS-A Zaku Custom F2000 (Ghost Squad-Assault Type)


I now officially introduce to all the second addition to the CelPrev Skunkworks Exclusives, as featured in the Mech Arts Community Zaku Group Build. Do bear with me on some of the details; some were last-minute rush fixes that I unfortunately overlooked. '^^

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MAC Zaku GB: The Work-in-Porgress Summary


Yup, time to do some revealing on a few long-delayed projects straight from the Skunkworks. Starting off would be this behemoth, as entry into the MechArts Community Zaku Group Build

Photo courtesy of

Yes, I took the liberty of repainting and modifying this SOB into a slightly lighter-feeling Assault-type Zaku (sort of), then giving it a proper assortment of custom weapons for various mission types...

Here's some of the work-in-progress pics:

You can also view the WIP in-detail at the MAC Forums Workshop

I'll be doing the full reveals within a few days time, see ya there... ^^


Sunday, May 13, 2012

CelPrev Exclusive Advisory (Q2-Q4 2012)


Just a 2-in-1 teaser photo of what's coming up this May...

AAAAAND a teaser for a major mid-year-to-year-end project:

All coming veeeeeeeery, very soon... :D


Thursday, May 10, 2012

MC 1/144 Hi-Nu "Gundoom" (NT-ZERO Type) Review

Yeah, so this is it. The supposed final chapter of the Impending [Gun]Doom series. The post where the lowdown on the Hi-Nu NT-ZERO type will be unveiled. It now ultimately culminates after nearly a full year after its purchase (took a veeeeeery long time, too...)

P.S. Seems after doing this, my taste for customizing Gunpla just leveled up one notch; makes the Red Comet Project look like child's play...

Well anyway, let's get this s*** over with... (As for the WIPs, just sift through the site...)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oplan I[G]D Phase 6: NOT GvGN Plus*

* Short for Gundam vs. Gundam Next Plus, predecessor to Extreme VS...


Been two long months since the last post ( I even forgot that I already went past the 60-post mark, such a douche of me... '^^), due to academic BS and some indirect procrastination on my part. But then again, the show must go on, and so shall the climax to the Impending [Gun]Doom Series. Expect the review within the next few days... I promise... '^^


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[CP Life News] A moment of silence...


I wish to interrupt the Gunpla-oriented consistency of this blog, for something a lot more serious. Something as serious as 9/26/2010 just came and shook my thoughts for the entire day...

Honestly, I am a man who, as much as my conscience would restrict, a pacifist already dwindling back into social obscurity. That inner flame within me back when I still considered myself a visionary from the shadows have started to die down, due to the growing pressure as my family's apparent male breadwinner (which I still object to...)

But that doesn't mean I ride solo virtually all the time. I still make friends and acquaintances like the rest of society, albeit less frequent than others. The fact that I've made contact and contributed my insights and skills with various groups, is concrete proof that I still have not secluded myself from others.

However, how can we tell if a group we're dealing with would not, in one way or another, put us in harms way?

Just yesterday, I caught whiff of news about a hazing victim - a law student from my former academic enclave at that - found by the 5-0's battered and lifeless. Although my memory tells me that I have not known the guy that much, the fact that he was a batch mate of mine from college (as affirmed by my circle of close contacts), gave me goosebumps that I began to reflect on everything about the matter (especially taking my slightly decorated law school experience in account...)

Hazing has become one of those directly potent catalysts for the public (through the media) to view 'brotherhoods' as nothing more than a large group of hooligans (another would be inter-fraternity violence, like what happened back in 2010). Nevertheless, I still contend that it's not the methods and rituals that are per se wrong. Rather, it's the persons who use them to their selfish interests, masking them under the clout of brotherhood, that made them wrong in the first place.

Ending this, I still firmly maintain whatever I said in the first anniv commemoration post for the 2010 Bar Exam Blast, to wit:

It is also the right moment for everyone within fraternities, sororities, and what have you, to start policing their ranks for a change. They created their own society to promote the very essence of brotherhood/sisterhood; they must also know what their limitations are in the first place, before someone within them exploits them to the detriment of their reputation. 

After all, we are all human beings, first and foremost. And we all have our responsibility to care for each other, all for the sake of preserving wisdom...

May justice be served for all those innocents who lost their lives because of yearning for 'brotherhood'... 

"We try to honor their deeds, even as their faces fade from our memory. Those memories are all that's left, when the bastards have taken everything else." - Capt. John Price, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 
--------END TRANSMISSION-------

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oplan I[G]D Phase 5: The (Lopsided) Face-Off

-=-=-=-=-=INCOMING TRANSMISSION=-=-=-=-=-

Well, after two months of editing and indirect procrastination, here's the second part of the Impending [Gun]Doom Omake Series. I'll be clearing up further backlog once I get some time in the middle of February (Which includes two reviews and an update on my Zaku Group Build Entry... XD)

P.S. I ditched my old Photoshop CS3 for a CS5, and will be Anime Ace as my new font for my Omakes. (Hats off to Chessboard Attic for the tip...)

Anyhow, let's proceed...