Saturday, December 31, 2011

[CelPrev Skit] New Year 2012. Gundam Fight style...


December 31, 2011, 9:45 PM, PST. 

Due to some excessive procrastination on my part, and other things that need to be done, Oplan I[G]D has been delayed again for next month, hopefully. (Still have a lot of pics to edit.)

Nonetheless, I'll be posting this New Year's Day quick omake, featuring a new addition to the roster... ^^

Well then.. READY... GO!!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CelPrev Gunpla Advisory (Nov-Dec 2011)


Might have to delay the next two Oplan I[G]D omakes and the Gundoom review for next month. Seems this model kit is slowly becoming a similar problem child to the RG RX-78, particularly in the beam effects department. 

Anyway, let's look at the what's what on the Gunpla scene over the next few months...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oplan I[G]D Phase 4: Switching Cockpits...


Time to start the Omake series for this project, as I have more or less fixed the niggles, and added a few more details to the Gundoom.

So, without further ado...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oplan I[G]D Phase 3: Commencing Side-Project NJ and Final Body Fitment


A few bad news first: during the construction process of the Hi-Nu Gundoom, a peg from one of the normal-size beam sabers broke. As a result, I had to do some emergency repairs, poor man style, thus delaying for quite a while the culmination of the WIP/Omake on this kit. 

However, this predicament did open the floodgates for improving on the Gundoom's existing weapons, particularly the Soul Cleaver system. Thus this post...

As for the good news: I'm almost done with the photoshoot process; practically completed majority of the omake part and will begin with the review photoshoot later on.

So, anyway... 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oplan I[G]D Phase 2.5: More Snap-Fit pics and The Paint Process...


As of this blog post, the entirety of the MC Hi-Nu Gundoom has been finished, including the new add-ons to its arsenal. However, I'll be putting that on hold as I'm still working on the review and omake time lines for this bad boy (also add the factors of inter-semester anxieties, volunteering for the upcoming Bar Operations, and of course plans for Christmas...

Speaking of review, I'll only be doing the same AFTER I have done the omake for it, unlike the first two series. Anyway, let's move on to the matter at hand...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oplan I[G]D Phase 2: The Snap-Fit Attempt


As promised, I will post an update regarding the controversial MC Hi-Nu Gundoom, and the attempts at giving it the CelPrev harbinger treatment (in fact, I've already finished the basics and planning on giving it more weapons to hold.) However, with Final Examinations looming, the rest of the WIP will have to be put on hold.

So, on to our usual programming...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

(CelPrev Essay) The 2010 Bar Examination Mishap: One Year Later...

Date/Time: September 26, 2011, 12:10 AM (Phil. Standard Time)


More than a year has passed...

For a simple person, everyday is just like the rest of his life: either trying to make a name at least for himself (something to remember him by), or just going to join the ever-massing sea of common folk on the streets. However for 44 Law students, it would be the day that left a lingering scar (in all aspects) on theirs.   

It was a great shock for a lot of people when the 2010 Bar Exam Blast happened on the afternoon of this very same day. For those who previously lost loved ones due to hazing incidents, and those who did not even bother with extending sympathy, I can guess that they be saying "I told you so", maybe out of relief or scorning. I can, at some point understand where they are getting this, since either: A) they still have a trace of memory from that fateful moment that they lost someone close to them; or B) they all rely too much on how the media feed the stigma into them, thus brandishing all fraternities as a bunch of hooligans.

But how about the victims who received a shrapnel through their flesh? How about the three sorority members who, of all moments to be losing something, virtually lost their mobility for quite a long while? How about the other casualties, psychologically scarred  from the sound of that Mk2 Grenade that sent shockwaves as it sent bits and pieces flying indiscrimately?  

As one of the victims, and an erstwhile colleague in the field of campus journalism (despite me having retired for quite a while), have stated in her Facebook note
"As someone from the outside looking in, it is easy to disengage your emotions and even feel apathy. But for us who have become the offended party, we are more involved and now, even more frustrated and disappointed that even to us future administrators of justice, it is elusive."
 As also a law student and an experienced visionary, I have long frowned upon the element of apathy in a culture-enriched community such as my country. It can, at one point rip apart the society from within, or open up an opportunity for others to destroy the same. I mean it has already happened to tightly-knit ones, from 9-26 to 9-11; it can, and probably will happen to a populace that does not even give a s**t.

I think it is about time we try to remove from ourselves that habit of locking ourselves away from the opportunity to extend sympathy. We are not mere organisms without backbone, without conscience, without even a speck of understanding or moral values (leave that to dictators, hot-blooded terrorists, or hypocrites who care for nothing but the urge to inflate their egos to the point of bursting).

It is also the right moment for everyone within fraternities, sororities, and what have you, to start policing their ranks for a change. They created their own society to promote the very essence of brotherhood/sisterhood; they must also know what their limitations are in the first place, before someone within them exploits them to the detriment of their reputation. 

After all, we are all human beings, first and foremost. And we all have our responsibility to care for each other, all for the sake of preserving wisdom...

Ending this hodge-podged excuse for a commemorative essay, I gratefully extend my prayers for a proper closure for this event - with the realization of what really transpired, and of who the responsible parties really were...

"Tell me would you kill to save a life?

Tell me would you kill to prove you're right?"

- 30 Seconds to Mars, Hurricane

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CelPrev Exclusive: The MechArts Community Anniversary Party

-=-=-=-=-=INCOMING TRANSMISSION=-=-=-=-=-

I will have to put other posts on hold as I still owe you guys my point-of-view during the recently concluded MechArts Community Forums First Anniversary party. Now, shall we?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oplan Impending [Gun]Doom: The 'Quick Unboxing' preview...


After over half a year of waiting, earning, and searching...


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CelPrev Gunpla Advisory: August 2011


Well, blog backlog's cleared up as of this moment save for a couple of non-gunpla reviews. And with just a few days before the MechArts Community Anniversary Party, I figured I slip in some news on what's new in the Gunpla industry... :D

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Inspiring the Inner Child: The Behind-the-Scenes Omake


Finally, I begin with the long-promised omake behind my MechArts Community Anniversary Wallpaper entry. Furthermore, I will be attending the Anniversary Party this coming 27th August (roughly 3 days before Midterms Season... XD); expect the sights, sounds, and all other crazy stuff in between by next month... XD

For now, we go back to our usual programming...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

CelPrev Anniversary Post (aka The State of the Blog Address)


Well, the "Behind the Scenes" omake for my MechArts Community Wallpaper entry will have to delayed a bit further, to give way for my so-called "State of the Blog Address" (yeah, SOBA... very corny, right?), in commemoration of the very first year of the CelPrev Program. Honestly, I should be making a summary post a few years later, but I'm jumping the gun for this one.

Let us begin, shall we?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Operation MasuRE: Return of the Black Samurai Pt. 3


As part of the CelPrev First Anniv, I wiill be posting a couple of omakes back-to-back. This is because, contrary to what I have planned, I have to save up some more moolah for the MC Hi-Nu Gundoom purchase. Some obligations, along with law school missions, are continuing to take a toll on my time, stamina, and funds...

Anyways, on to our usual programming... XD

P.S. Post is VERY heavy on photos; make sure to view in at least a direct-wire Broadband connection...

Friday, July 8, 2011

CelPrev Quickie Post: 1/144 Wing Gundam Zero "Re-Custom"


Now chances are, you've been reading updates from Gundam Guy, particularly on customized model kits featured in Japanese magazines such as Dengeki Hobby, Hobby Magazine, Gundam Ace, and the like. This particular custom-built model kit, as featured in Hobby Mag's August issue, didn't just made my optics lock in; it made them zoom so close to the laptop that I had to squint a bit to realize the awesomesauce.

Friday, July 1, 2011

CelPrev Advisory: Showdown at Spratlys, PNoy Admin at 1, Dark of the Moon, and more...


Well, here’s another CelPrev Update for you. But instead of just going on with the usual Gunpla News, I will be delving into a state of rant-and-rave frenzy with the current events from around the Globe, and a few personal insights as well. Shall we start off?

First up on the list would be the brewing squabble among the Southeast Asian Nations and the People’s Republic of China on the highly contested Spratly Island group. A lot is at stake here: vast fishing grounds, expansion of national borders, and of course the oil deposits. Hopefully, this will get settled in the next few months; otherwise everyone’s going to get hurt one way or the other…

In local political trends, yesterday marked the first-year milestone for the Aquino Administration. Unfortunately, what just happened was a mere role-switching among politicians (which for them is the norm). There is no doubt on the efforts of frugality in government spending, the pushing of internal reforms on every government instrumentality.

Sadly, what appears to be ‘small zits’ became the noticeable blemishes of this presidency: a botched hostage crisis, the ‘second-hand Porsche’ debacle, and some dabs of headaches from appointed officials. To his excellency, I say this: bring out the gauntlets and teach a lesson to those hypocrites. That is if he’s still dead serious on ending this country’s hardships.

On some personal notes: a new semester in Law school had just begun, yet there are still holes in my already-hectic schedule. One of my professors has not made his appearance ever since classes went to gear a week and a half ago. Once the work comes seeping in to me, there will not be that much posts (also add the fact that was forced to downgrade from Wi-Max to Broadband internet…)

Still that did not deter me from watching the third Transformers film. I’ll just make this quick: fight scenes were more than the first two combined, but the plot got a bit messy. And that’s that for movie news.

As for blog updates, including the conclusion to Operation MasuRE and the behind-the-scenes to my MAC Forums Wallpaper Entry, just expect them within this month.

Until then you guys…


Sunday, June 19, 2011

HG 1/144 Masurao Review


Another year in Law school is about to start as of this posting, so I'll just have to make this quick. Prepare for a bit of a surprise later on as part of this blog's First Anniversary... ^^

P.S. The following pics were shot using the Nokia N8-00 that I got from my dad after trading back his N95 8GB along with my C3-00. 


Monday, June 6, 2011

Operation MasuRE: Return of the Black Samurai Pt. 2


Well, things are looking well for the intrepid duo, as they finally unbox the Masurao. Only to find out...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Operation MasuRE: Return of the Black Samurai Pt. 1


In response to the emergence of Full Frontal before the entire CelPrev roster (which included a heated hell-raising on a certain maroon suit, two men embarked on a journey to counter this threat. Which meant travelling to their old base of operations to retrieve and revive a derelict suit...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CelPrev Gunpla Advisory Apr-Jun 2011 (50th Shizuoka Hobby Show highlights)


It has been quite a blast, joining an online group build. Hats off to Zodiect for hosting the Sinanju Group build; made me truly squeeze my creativity for the Red Comet Project.

Anyways, let us focus more on upcoming Gunpla Releases, courtesy of the 50th Shizuoka Hobby Show...

MG Gundam Epyon (Jun 2011 Release) - Finally, we gaze upon what undeniably would be the biggest Master-Grade release this summer (Even bigger than the MG 00 Raiser). The beam effects on the Uber-huge beam saber may be smaller than expected but who the hell cares?

I mean, just seeing this diorama with the MG Wing Zero Custom would just leave any MG Fanboy (moreso Gundam Wing fanboys) salivating at the awesomesauce.

MG Delta Plus (Aug 2011 Release) - Another model kit release to take notice. Looks quite sleek in MS form, even sleeker in MA form. There's gonna be problems with the leg-waist connection though.

Now as to HGUC Releases...

HGUC GM III (Jul 2011 Release) - Not much of a fuzz, this kit; however, it somehow it makes that connection with the GM and Jegan series (GM-colored weapons coupled with Jegan-ish color scheme and add-ons)

HGUC GM Cannon II (Jun 2011 Release) - Looks quite buff, but the colors of the Ballute armors are somehow wrong for this kit...

HGUC Dreissen (ZZ Ver.) (19 May 2011 Release) - As much as I like the bulkiness of the kit, the color scheme is just wrong. I'd still prefer the Sleeves ver. color scheme, thank you...

HGFC Master Gundam & Fuunsaki (Aug 2011 Release) - Finally, something worth looking forward to that is neither 00 nor SEED nor UC. May consider this for the blog's First Anniversary (Provided that the budget permits it, or Fuunsaki gets released separately; not liking the 2730-Yen/Php 1600-1700 Price tag - already beyond Real-Grade price territory)

Still, there's this...

HGFC Shining Gundam (Aug 2011 Release) - If you're not into the HGFC God Gundam due to articulation deficiencies, this might foot the bill just fine - complete with super mode gimmick (hopefully), 'SHINING FINGAAAAAAA!!!!' hands, and a resized 'SHINING FINGAAAAA SWOOOOOORD!'

Still needs further tweaking in articulation to have it hold the 'SHINING FINGAAAAA SWOOOOOORD!' better...

Anyways, until the next review hopefully... (Clue: a previous suit in need of its own review... XD)

Photos sourced from Gundam Guy


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HGUC 1/144 Sinanju Review

*Alternate Title - The Red Comet Project: The Epilogue
Image courtesy of
*Life Rant...

Finally, after a couple of days I get to complete the process regarding this bad boy. XD I now proudly declare as of this point that this is so far the most AMBITIOUS that I have gone to, even beating the RG RX-78!

By the Way, here's the links leading to this suit...

-Phase 1: The Work-in-Progress
-Phase 2: The Undercard
-Final Phase: The Main Event

*End Life Rant...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Red Comet Project Final Phase: The Main Event


In order to keep up with ZoiDieCT's HGUC Sinanju Group Build, I decided to post the Omake first before the review... Containing the Comet Kick...

So... *Michael Buffer voice...

For the thousands in attendance...

For the millions viewing this on the Internet...

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Cyberspace...


The Red Comet Project Phase 2: The Undercard


Here's phase 2...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Red Comet Project Phase 1: The Work-in-Progress


View Prologue Here

When we last left off our story, Amuro suddenly found an unusual box carrying parts for a certain red mobile suit. He knew that his rival is just about to emerge, but he need to look into it a bit more, so...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HGUC 1/144 Gouf Custom Review

Photo Source:
* Life rant...

Well, finals season is over, but I still have to deal with summer classes to clear up my subject backlog, and hopefully finish my Law Course. Still, what better way to utilize the teensy moment to build Gunpla XD. Do bear in mind that this would be one part of another project I'm doing... Has something to do with the previous post...

So, look forward to it... XD

P.S. I used my dad's N95 8GB (while I patiently wait maybe for the N8...) for the photoshoot, so do bear with the photo quality... '^^

*End Life Rant...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Red Comet Project: Prologue...

-----CelPrev Incoming Transmission...-----

When we last left off the boys (*My term for the MS Model Kits of the CelPrev Collection), they relocated to a snazzier place at a living room cupboard. Just to make sure nothing was left from their previous spot, one certain suit stayed behind.

Little did he know... O_o


(Scans area) Seems all fine and dandy in this area. Save for that bag behind me. Better move out...

Wait a sec; what's that down there? Didn't expect the high confessor to pick up another suit...

Better have a look-see... (Engages optical sensors)

Wait... Are my eyes deceiving me?

(Zooms in on box, while the wind blows away the piece of paper on top of it...)

(Reads inscription on box...) MSN-06S Sinanju... Aw hell...

Better call for back-up...

----- End Trans-

P.S. Standby for a WIP and a review each of TWO different suits... >:D...


Thursday, March 24, 2011

CelPrev Gunpla Advisory II: RG Strike Aile, Dreissen Sleeved Ver., and new 00 Raiser


A quick intermission before going back to the modelling table...

Friday, March 18, 2011

CelPrev Pre-Final Exams Advisory...


Going to make this update short and sweet: Standby for a couple of VERY EXTENSIVE reviews after the next two weeks, as I'll be making an end-semester purchase! (Yay!)

Here's a couple of hints:

- One is Big and Red; and
- One's not your usual grunt unit... no usual grunt unit!

See you in the next few days... XD


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CelPrev Insight: The 2011 Japanese Triple Crisis

*Incoming CelPrev Transmission...

Well, I do not need to elaborate on this further. Let's just cut to the chase: Japan is now struggling to climb back after an earthquake, a tsunami, and a possibly impending nuclear meltdown (the least likely to happen) left the northeastern side of the country in shambles.

As part of the entire family of humanity, it is with deep heart that, although not being capable of contributing physically, I extend my sympathy, condolence, and compassion to our brothers and sisters who are now tasked to face the scars of chaos left in the Land of the Rising Sun. 

I leave with you deeper insights from a couple of revered Gunpla enthusiasts who at some point had experienced the crisis first hand. Again, I ask everyone to continue praying for japan in these trying times...

ASM - Tohoku/Kanto Earthquake
Gaijin Gunpla - on the Tohoku Kanto Earthquake

*End transmission...

Monday, February 21, 2011

2011 CelPrev Gunpla News #1

Barely just two months into 2011, release after release of Gunpla and other model figures just keep on turning up. Time to do the rundown on the big releases and news so far...

Friday, February 11, 2011

HG 1/144 Arche Gundam Review

Photo source:
*Life Rant...

Well, Midterm Examination's quite done now. I'm stretching a few sore joints for now. And as of this post, I'm starting possibly the first Law-related Essay for quite a while. I'm still quite saddened with the inactivity on the previous review but then again, that's not my problem for now...

*End Life Rant...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HG 1/144 Arios Gundam GNHW/M Review

*VERY SHORT life rant...

Midterms fast approaching. will publish another review maybe afterwards...

*End Life Rant...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

First 2011 Blog: What really Life is...

Photo: The Cross by Paik666 (

Quite a sad way for me to start 2011...

We had just finished celebrating Christmas when shocking news came to the household a couple of days later: my grandmother figured in an accident and suffered a major head injury. Day in and day out, my father continued to communicate with the doctors on her condition. Sadly though, the mere fact was this: she is already dying and there was nothing they could even do to prolong it.

As I type this essay, instead of the year-end essay that should have been posted days ago (sorry guys, it will not happen...), I could not help but wonder if I am still doing the right thing in her honor. She has joined the Great Creator right now (actually, just hours ago), yet instead of mourning, I chose to be indifferent and keep the emotions to myself.  While the midst of the silence and sadness, my other siblings continued on their post-new-year revelry like it was nothing. That begs me to ask this question: who is the heretic in the scenario?

I leave that question amongst yourselves, as I wish to delve into my short discussion of what life really is. A lot of people, mostly scientists, philosophers, and preachers, have defined it in various conflicting ways. But they do agree on two elements for that matter: existence and consciousness.

It is said that life means existence, in such a way that we can appreciate it just by utilizing our primary senses. The moment that we recognize something or someone either by sight, sound, scent, taste, or touch (as applied accordingly), we can tell that it is alive. There’s a flaw into this statement though, as the definition is quite broad.

That is where consciousness factors in. Wikipedia defined it as “a subjective awareness, the ability to experience feeling, the understanding of the concept “self”, or the executive control system of the mind.” Deducing this statement in relation to existence, existence is what is outside; consciousness is what is within. To put it in a much simpler way, existence is what ticks within us; consciousness is what keeps it from ticking.

And judging from what I just said in the previous paragraph, both elements must coexist in order for life to be appreciated. Without life, in layman’s terms, everything we appreciate would be nothing.

Now what does this brief discussion about life have to do with my grandmother? Plain and simple: like all mothers, she was a beacon of wisdom and compassion, resonating her presence not just to her children, but through their offspring as well. Most of all, and I am not making this up, because of her life, and most importantly her endearing love for his family,  my dad had a reason to keep on living, before he had my family to begin with.

I will not ramble on with more mushiness lest I start drenching the keyboards with my tears, but I will be staunch about this; if we do not start valuing whatever life we still have, not just amongst ourselves but also with all other entities around us, then we do not deserve to be called living beings in the first place...

To close, I wish to leave this chorus for all those people who are at their ‘twilight period’ – that point when they have forgotten what the concept of life really is. This may not be related to what I just rambled on, but it begs to beckon...

“When life leaves us blind,
Love keeps us kind...”

-Linkin Park, The Messenger