Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Operation MasuRE: Return of the Black Samurai Pt. 1


In response to the emergence of Full Frontal before the entire CelPrev roster (which included a heated hell-raising on a certain maroon suit, two men embarked on a journey to counter this threat. Which meant travelling to their old base of operations to retrieve and revive a derelict suit...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CelPrev Gunpla Advisory Apr-Jun 2011 (50th Shizuoka Hobby Show highlights)


It has been quite a blast, joining an online group build. Hats off to Zodiect for hosting the Sinanju Group build; made me truly squeeze my creativity for the Red Comet Project.

Anyways, let us focus more on upcoming Gunpla Releases, courtesy of the 50th Shizuoka Hobby Show...

MG Gundam Epyon (Jun 2011 Release) - Finally, we gaze upon what undeniably would be the biggest Master-Grade release this summer (Even bigger than the MG 00 Raiser). The beam effects on the Uber-huge beam saber may be smaller than expected but who the hell cares?

I mean, just seeing this diorama with the MG Wing Zero Custom would just leave any MG Fanboy (moreso Gundam Wing fanboys) salivating at the awesomesauce.

MG Delta Plus (Aug 2011 Release) - Another model kit release to take notice. Looks quite sleek in MS form, even sleeker in MA form. There's gonna be problems with the leg-waist connection though.

Now as to HGUC Releases...

HGUC GM III (Jul 2011 Release) - Not much of a fuzz, this kit; however, it somehow it makes that connection with the GM and Jegan series (GM-colored weapons coupled with Jegan-ish color scheme and add-ons)

HGUC GM Cannon II (Jun 2011 Release) - Looks quite buff, but the colors of the Ballute armors are somehow wrong for this kit...

HGUC Dreissen (ZZ Ver.) (19 May 2011 Release) - As much as I like the bulkiness of the kit, the color scheme is just wrong. I'd still prefer the Sleeves ver. color scheme, thank you...

HGFC Master Gundam & Fuunsaki (Aug 2011 Release) - Finally, something worth looking forward to that is neither 00 nor SEED nor UC. May consider this for the blog's First Anniversary (Provided that the budget permits it, or Fuunsaki gets released separately; not liking the 2730-Yen/Php 1600-1700 Price tag - already beyond Real-Grade price territory)

Still, there's this...

HGFC Shining Gundam (Aug 2011 Release) - If you're not into the HGFC God Gundam due to articulation deficiencies, this might foot the bill just fine - complete with super mode gimmick (hopefully), 'SHINING FINGAAAAAAA!!!!' hands, and a resized 'SHINING FINGAAAAA SWOOOOOORD!'

Still needs further tweaking in articulation to have it hold the 'SHINING FINGAAAAA SWOOOOOORD!' better...

Anyways, until the next review hopefully... (Clue: a previous suit in need of its own review... XD)

Photos sourced from Gundam Guy


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HGUC 1/144 Sinanju Review

*Alternate Title - The Red Comet Project: The Epilogue
Image courtesy of
*Life Rant...

Finally, after a couple of days I get to complete the process regarding this bad boy. XD I now proudly declare as of this point that this is so far the most AMBITIOUS that I have gone to, even beating the RG RX-78!

By the Way, here's the links leading to this suit...

-Phase 1: The Work-in-Progress
-Phase 2: The Undercard
-Final Phase: The Main Event

*End Life Rant...