Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gundam 00 Model Kit & Site Updates...

Just had my leisurely surf through Ngee Khiong a few hours ago and came across unexpected releases from Bandai:

Now it's not in my discretion to criticize on the MG 00 Qan[T] yet because: one, I haven't purchased neither its HG version, nor ANY of the Master Grades to begin with; and two, I haven't event seen the new Gundam 00 movie yet... with English dubs... XD

These two however did catch my attention: 

Seems Tieria Erde loved Seravee's design that he managed to reconfigure and integrate its design as the backpack for his new suit, Raphael. My take on this: I'm quite diggin' the color scheme; makes it look like a fusion of both Seravee and the torso/abdomen area of the Nu Gundam HWS...

Now the Braves; my guess is that, like Masurao and Susanowo, they will be very tricky to pose. Just look at those thin legs and ball joints for the hips.Still diggin' the melee pose.

We're just lucky that Ol' "Cannon Fodder" Colasour ain't going to pilot one of those... XD

BTW, expect both reviews of the the GNHW/B and A Thousand Suns within the next few weeks... ^^ Until then...

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