Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quick Update: LP+Gunpla and WoW+Gunpla

Still haven't found the new Linkin Park Album at nearby record bars, but before I could acquire it (and thus starting the review), they dropped a bigger bombshell... with help from Sunrise and Bandai:

Well, the art's not quite the real bombshell. It's the Gundam behind it, and here's the scoop: Bandai, in cooperation with LP will release a special edition of the HGUC RX-78GP01fb Full Vernian Zephyrantes,clad up in custom LP colors. Do bear in mind that this same Gundam (possibly in Master grade form) was also seen in the set of their Meteora-era song, Somewhere I Belong, where it also shared the spotlight with Sazabi and Wing Zero.

I know the white-over-matte-gray color scheme may be a bit too bland for the suit... But still, I'm quite digging the album cover-inspired shield design; it's as if it got hit by one of the GP02A Physalis' nuke warheads... only to survive with a mere scratch...

On another note...

If Gundams existed in the Warcraft metaverse, I figured this is what Ilidan "Terrorblade" Stormrage would pilot... with the G-Gundam style cockpit... XD

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  1. Now that I look at it, I wonder if the shield design would be a giant wad of foil sticker. There's no way Bandai would be nice enough to mold that design into the plastic... if that's even possible.