Monday, December 27, 2010

RG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam (NK Tribute Pt.2)

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Christmas is now over, New Year is fast approaching, and unfortunately for me I haven' t been updating that much. Still, a couple of promises from me: I will assure you guys that I shall finish the year-end essay before the year ends, and probably before returning to school, I may release another review after this, concerning one of the two new additions to the CelPrev collection.

Until then... ladies... XD

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A brief history lesson first...

Back in the early days when what was more appealing were High Grade Kits, pre-HGUC, we thought that the size of these Gunpla models, when straight-built, would set the limits as to what it was and what it can really do. The early 2000's came and the Master Grade (MG) line was introduced; despite the size, collectors lauded the advancement in detail, articulation, and materials quality, thus popping out each Mobile Suit that was given the MG treatment like Pez candies.

Fast forward to nearly a decade later. Bandai has finally decided to up the ante once more, this time with the Real Grade (RG) line. According to them, the line would incorporate the articulation levels of a MG, and the details of a 1/60 Perfect Grade (PG) kit. All at the size of a HG, and for the price of a 1/100 No-Grade. 

And what better way to introduce this model line for Bandai than to give the granddaddy of all Gundams - the RX-78-2 - the RG treatment. Upon announcement of this, the Internet was abuzz with news and previews of this MS. I for one got info about this model from Ngee Khiong's news site, back when it was still operational.

On to reviewing this SOB before I get too emotional...  

3D view of the RG's Box
The size of the box can be compared to some from the HG Line, bot do not let the size fool you. Unless you have background on building MG's, you are up for long hours of building this: Ten runners rigged with minuscule parts (including the flexible 'Advanced MS Joint', emphasis supplied), and a reasonably sized sheet of numerous stickers, foil and dry transfer.

For this build, I ditched majority of the stickers, save for the eyes, the vents, and a single sticker on the shield, trying to to get the anime-accurate look.

Inner Frame w/Core Fighter

Got to love the details they put into making the inner frame, while not diminishing greatly the articulation of the AMS Joints. Take note that there are also quite a lot of small parts for the core fighter alone, so strong and steady hands will help here.

I previously left it in this pose - dubbed the "Manny Pacquiao Pose (damn, gotta think of a better name... XD)" - , but later adjusted it into another pose inspired by the MG Master Gundam boxart. 

Completed Model

The model is not that much different from the HGUC RX-78 Gundam G30th in looks. The noticeable differences here, among others, would be the shoulders, the elbows, the torso area, and some parts of the legs, most of them having two or three shades of color compared to the G30th.

360 View
Proportions are quite the same as the G30th save for finer details, especially on the backpack. Got to love also the color separation on the backpack and shield; Kudos to Bandai for that.

Should have included some closing mechanism for the shield's peephole...

More views... I think... 

I absolutely lurve how the first pic turned out; the flash from the camera acted like spotlights on the model. Truth be told, I actually used a point-and-shoot for that shot (among other pics used here); other shots were from my dad's DSLR (The same one I used on Hrairoo)...


What you see here is what you actually get in this kit. It's not that bad, considering the complexity of the kit. Should have included the Gundam Javelin and Hammer in the mix, even if they had to repackage the latter one used in the G30th.

Beam Rifle

This weapon is probably the trickiest to connect into the RG's hand. Its handle has this swinging peg that connects to a hole in the palm. Whenever I make the model kit hold the rifle, either the peg folds back on the handle, or the thumb (which is connected via a ball joint) pops off. Quite a slight PITA here; Bandai should have packaged in a manipulator hand set.

Still, once it slots in, it's there and there's virtually no way that it will fall off the hand.

Amuro: You feeling lucky, punk?!
Hyper Bazooka

Apart from the color separation on the entire model, what I lurve about this kit would be the bazooka. The barrel is composed of two parts of cylinders, in order to minimize seam lines on them. 

Installing this weapon is a bit easier compared to the rifle, as you get this swiveling handle (still with the foldable peg). Also, you're spared from moving the separate index finger as there is no trigger housing on this bit.

Sadly, I ran out of ideas as to how to pose this baby without a good action base. (Orz... <_<)

Beam Saber

As for the Beam Sabers, they are seriously long (the longest so far, compared to the beam 'toothpicks from my older kits), but are connected to the hilts via a very small peg. Quite a very fragile design flaw for a very epic close-combat weapon.
Tobeyo, GUNDAMU!

LeeeeerOOOOOOOOOY!!!... JEEEEEEEEnnnkiiiiinnnns!!! XD
Me: Uh... -___-
MG RX-78 Ver. 2.0 Boxart Pose... I think

I opted for the single-saber-and-shield setup, as I do not remember the Gundam doing a dual wield. And speaking of wielding, Whilst this one had a pair of hilts with fixed pegs, they do not entirely slot in to the hole in the palm snugly. You had to wrap fingers around it to fix it in place.


The weapons (once you work them in to the slots) fit snugly on this model, especially the Bazooka mounted on a concealable slot at the back (The same place where you connect the peg attached to the action base). Sadly again, without a good action base, I could not execute aerial poses to this bastard.

Now onto the prominent points on this kit... 

Good Bits

* Master-Grade articulation and near-Perfect-Grade detail
* Almost faithful to the original
* Possibly the more accurate rendition of the RX-78 of this scale
* Decent amount of weapons
* AMS + Inner frame = Good call

Bad Bits

* Some minuscule parts a PITA, construction-wise; too fragile and easy to knock off if not reinforced well
* Tricky process of installing the weapons into the hands
* Flimsy feet may topple this kit off-balance
* No Gundam Javelin and Hammer (personal preference)

Final Shot

Overall, this is quite a good start for the Real Grade model line, considering the advances in model building tech and design, and the ever-growing demand for better-looking kits. If you started with HG kits, and you wish to train your skills for higher-grade kits, this kit is a good stepping stone. Bandai at some point fulfilled their promise to create a kit that would create another frontier for model builders and collectors to follow. And that is a good thing, if you are to talk about a model kit line that started out thirty years ago.

Until the next review... ladies! XD


  1. Wow, I did not expected that the beam saber to be quite long

  2. Believe it...

    Try comparing it to the ZZ though... :D