Saturday, December 4, 2010

HG 1/144 Gaplant TR-5 [Hrairoo] Review

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*Life Rant...*

Some good news and bad news bits...

Bad news first: I'm having the case of the mental block again, as the Pre-Christmas, Year-End Essay that I've been trying to finish is still not effin' finished. T_T I promise that I will finish it before the holidays, along with the upcoming RG RX-78 Review (Due this Christmas, yay!)

Now for the good news: I'm already close to deciding on which HG Gunpla will be next on my list, but I will try my best to revive Masurao maybe by next year. On top of that, as I am typing this review, I currently have access to my father's 64GB Apple iPad for the weekend; look forward to a quick review of this dingy later on... ^^

P.S. The following photos for this review were shot using a Canon EOS 550D with an EF-S 18-135mm lens. (both were purchased and currently owned by my dad... just had to test the bad boy for myself... '^^) Take note this is the VERY first time I properly used a DSLR, so bear with me... '^^

*End Life Rant*

Now on to the review... 

Currently the largest of my collection (until I decide on either the Arche, the Sazabi, or the Sinanju), the so-called 'Titans Test Team custom' job of the original Gaplant is quite the monster that it should be. Seeing the comparison pics between this and the original blue- green monster on Dalong quite convinced me that this one is a better bargain.

From the photos though, it doesn't seem that intimidating; it is VERY intimidating, all thanks to the two pods on its shoulders.

Front View

Right Side View

Left Side View

Rear View
The rear view even shows more changes with the redesigned rear skirt now accommodating a two-point robotic arm. Note that the said arm can also be connected on the holes behind the Hrududu II Side Pods.

Close-up shot
Had to superglue in the V-Fin as it is quite loose on the head. Also made quite a boo-boo on the placement of the stickers (orz...)

As for armaments, this baby has a shoulder-mounted mouth thing, as part of the Hrududu II, a pair of elbow-mounted beam cannons (which can be held by either hands), beam sabers (more like toothpicks; why no beam effect parts, Bandai?), and a Linear beam rifle that can be connected to the robotic arm or the shoulder-mounted mouth. 

Now comes the bad bit of the review...

During the photoshoot, the white part on the rear of the linear rifle just broke off while trying to connect the hand to the right arm (T_T). Anyways...

The kit also comes packaged with a stationary action base. Could have made it more versatile to allow the suit better aerial poses...

Now for articulation: due to its massiveness and complexity in design, it has quite limited articulation. The feet though is quite more adjustable due to its transformation gimmick. As for that, I do not intend to convert it in order to preserve the joints. What I can tell though is that the MA mode is really more of a small fortress than a mobile armor. Which is quite good, compared to other transforming mobile suits of the HGUC Line, pre-ReZel.

If you're quite interested in complex mobile suit designs, or you just want to move away from the alien-like designs of later-series grunt suits, this suit is a good alternative. It is quite edgy and intimidating, yet not so tackily designed. Quite the bang for the buck like its plain Jane version, minus the large arse-mounted thruster you get with the former.


  1. haha nice, I always wanted to get this kit. if only new releases doesn't keep eating into my wallet ;^^

  2. Hehehe, it could look intimidating if you put it in its stand. Personally I think the face of Hrairoo is like a gorilla.... so I replace it with the normal Gaplant head instead hahaha. :D

  3. i have one also..we have the same problems on the rifle. But its a good 1/144 kit