Monday, February 21, 2011

2011 CelPrev Gunpla News #1

Barely just two months into 2011, release after release of Gunpla and other model figures just keep on turning up. Time to do the rundown on the big releases and news so far...

 MG Deathscythe Hell (EW redesign) - possibly the more popular of the Master Grade releases so far. Just look at the sharpness of the Bat wings and that beam scythe; you could actually prick yourself with them if you're not careful.
The boxart alone is filled with such drama, with the moon and lots of bats in the background. One of the most unique in my opinion (can we get a wallpaper version of this? :D) 

MG Wing Gundam (EW redesign) - basically a recolored Wing ver. Ka., with additional base adapters, and minus the ubiquitous decals. Not much drama to speak of here, maybe just to complete the Glory of the Defeated lineup.

MG Shenlong Gundam (EW redesign) - Seems Bandai is now getting serious about the GW suits; this is so far quite tasteful, compared to the TV version. Still waiting for a MG Nataku though.

MG 00 Raiser (with Condenser Type parts) - This is quite another no-brainer with the release of the 00 Movie. Most likely to share a few parts with the 00 Qan[T]. Here's hoping for a 00 Seven Sword/G package.

MG Epyon (speculated) - Now it's on! One of the most badass MS of the After Colony era, now rumored for a MG release. If they would proceed with this, no doubt that a MG version of Wing Zero (TV ver.) and Tallgeese III (probably using the same tech for the heat rod) would be in the works as well...

Robot Damashii Wing Zero Custom - now this might not be within the scope of model kits, but I just went 'wow' when I saw this. Might try this one if an HG reboot of the same would not be in the works for this year.

Photos source: Gundam Guy and gunJap

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  1. I don't want wallpapers of these boxarts. I want wall scrolls of them. :)