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HG 1/144 Arche Gundam Review

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*Life Rant...

Well, Midterm Examination's quite done now. I'm stretching a few sore joints for now. And as of this post, I'm starting possibly the first Law-related Essay for quite a while. I'm still quite saddened with the inactivity on the previous review but then again, that's not my problem for now...

*End Life Rant...

Now on to the review. As much I love the capabilities of the primary character Gundams during the second season of 00, none of them appealed to me design-wise. The I saw this heap of flying death, I was like 'Holy sh**; this suits effin' edgy and I lurve it!'

Here's a quick bio on the suit: The Arche is a post-Throne design, incorporating some features from Zwei (primarily the Buster Sword and GN Fangs) while enhancing its close-combat capabilities. Sporting three GN Tau Drives, the machine is piloted by renowned Jihadist-leader-turned-Innovade-funded-mercenary Ali Al-Saachez.

*Filler info: Ali is one of the very few antagonists that I have come to respect during the course of the series. He's the type of person who does not give a crap as to what ideology should stand, or who has the better cash; he only lives to (ehrm...) "Layeth the Smackdown" on any unfortunate soul.

Anywho, back to the review.

Completed Model

This model is now officially the tallest of the CelPrev Collection, beating ol' Hrairoo by a nosecone. Haven't done much heavy detailing since I lost my supposed panel marker.

For the clear orbs, I previously painted it red, but decided to mix it with blue. The result it turned up to be more dark violet than the supposed purple hue it should have... '^^


 So far, the pointed designs are quite a throwback to the F-22 Raptor (Just check at the wings on the Fang containers). For one, this suit certainly has very long limbs.


Man, compared to the flowing-yet-constrained edginess of Masurao/Susanowo, this really carries the sharp designs like it wants to slaughter while looking sleek. the pointed torso area can actually be mistaken for a jet fighter's nose.

Also clipped off the excess on its V-fin, as with most of my purchases...

Ali: Yes, Krugis... We can- oops, wrong line...

Okay, for a suit so massive yet so edgy-looking, it's quite a letdown that it has one of the fewest accessories in the collection. (Well, could have been worse: Seravee only has its Twin GN Bazookas packaged)

Let's start with the tests, shall we?

GN Buster Sword (Rifle Mode)

Well, not much to say about the sword in rifle mode; just pull down the top half to reveal the rifle barrel. 

One thing to note about the Arche's joints: it's not that strong to hold the Buster Sword (will be explained later during sword mode), even when latched on the arm like in the pic.

GN Shield

Another thing of concern with Arche: it has one of the dinkiest single shields I've seen in a mobile suit. I first thought that the two antennas protruding beside it were pseudo-pincers a la Kyrios. later on found out that they act as emitters for the GN Field. Sorry, but lame.

GN Buster Sword (Sword Mode)

So far, the most important arsenal Arche has. Unfortunately, what I've said about the joints while using rifle is even worse in sword mode. One hand cannot hold the bulk of the sword steadily, without the necessary tightening on the joints. Which I sort of did using a couple layers of plastic.

Nonetheless, once you get it posing without the Sword sagging down... damn... :D

Attempt on the Boxart Pose
GN Fangs (or the lack of them)

Ali: Fly, my Fangs!
Good Bit: Fang ports hold steady once opened
Bad Bit: NO FANGS! T_T

... no matter, here's something better... >:D

GN Beam Sabers (Foot-Mounted)

Quite unusual to see different mountings for beam sabers (Infinite Justice's lower legs, The O's front skirt). To clarify, I used my old Red Marker for the beam effects; could not leave them plain clear.

Another note: since the waist connection is using ball joints and polycaps, chances are the legs will drop down on occasion.

Special: Arche's Escape Module

 Not much to say here. Just take off the backpack and head, move some parts, add some extra part... voila!


Good Bits:
- the edgiest antagonist suit so far
- Huge-ass Buster Sword

Bad Bits:
- weak joints (particularly on the arms and waist)
- insufficient accessories

I'll get to the point here: the HG Arche looks perfect, but somehow it's not that perfect anymore once built. I would only recommend this if you are thinking twice between Zwei, Reborns, or this - so far one of the only antagonist MS that you'd be proud of building and displaying.

As for my Arche, I have other plans for this baby... and it involves another one... >:D For now though, here's a parting statement from Ali...


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  1. Greetings there, carbonunderground2. Didn't know this was you. XD

    Truth is, I was tempted to get this guy until... I was on how long was the arms are...
    Actually, there is an MSV (drawing) of it that CAN transform into a fighter.