Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HGUC 1/144 Gouf Custom Review

Photo Source: 1999.co.jp
* Life rant...

Well, finals season is over, but I still have to deal with summer classes to clear up my subject backlog, and hopefully finish my Law Course. Still, what better way to utilize the teensy moment to build Gunpla XD. Do bear in mind that this would be one part of another project I'm doing... Has something to do with the previous post...

So, look forward to it... XD

P.S. I used my dad's N95 8GB (while I patiently wait maybe for the N8...) for the photoshoot, so do bear with the photo quality... '^^

*End Life Rant...

I will admit this one thing: I haven't watched much of the Gundam Series, Movies, or OVAs from the Universal Century Timeline (save for Gundam Unicorn, currently). However, I do have a sense of appreciation for the timeline's simple yet appealing MS Designs, from the iconic RX-78  to the massive, red, behemoth known as the Nightingale (Please, Bandai; even just a HGUC variant... >_<). 

Upon finishing Arche back in January, I had to think of a follow up: one option is to get another Masurao for the long-delayed review, or find another suit, particularly from the UC timeline. Thus settling for one of the earlier iconic MS from the Principality of Zeon: The MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom, as seen from the 08th MS Team OVA.

A Quick bio of the suit: The original Gouf, seen on Mobile Suit Gundam, was supposed to be a ground-based close-combat alternative to the space-bound Zaku series. This particular variant is more potent from its predecessor, as it gains more practical yet more lethal armaments. 

Funny bit: And since this suit's pilot is named Norris Packard, I figured I call this beast "Chuck"... ;-)

Anyways, on to the review... XD

Completed Model

What I did extra on Chuck is I ditched the foil stickers and painted with a red permanent marker the scope on the 3-barrel machine gun, the mono-eye, and the thrusters on the backpack and feet. Also painted the ribbon that connects the round magazine to the shield-mounted gatling gun.

 360-Degree Views

Honestly, if I were to choose between this and a Zaku (even Char's), I'd still pick this one despite not having space-ready capabilities.

Armaments & Accessories

Not much to talk about here, since you could equip the bulk of the weapons onto Chuck without worry. You are given a pair of closed fists, a pair of hands for holding weapons, and an open right palm.

Now on to the brandishing...

Gatling Shield

Amazingly for this suit, the Gatling shield does not feel all that heavy, even without using the locking mechanism between the armpit area (see second pic). Makes me wonder, if Bandai could create PC joints that could hold this bulk, why didn't they implement it on ALL their model kits in the first place?

Norris: Damn, out of ammo...
3-Barrel Machine Gun

A good thing about this weapon is that it does not feel all too bulky-looking, compared to the 5-barrel hand-shaped Machine Gun on the original Gouf. The side-mounted sight is a good touch, too.

Heat Wire

Seems Bandai is getting into the groove of using wire parts for cable-based weapons and parts (Cases in point: the Brave Series). Still need better creativity in configuring this though... '^^

Heat Saber D III

Norris: Here comes the PAIN!

I kind of like the way this sword is designed. Shaped like the blade of a native butterfly knife (Balisong in Filipino), with a medieval sword handle. Still, could use an inner peg to hold it in place as it spins about while held.


Good Bits:
- Decently functional yet unusual design
- Good color scheme; easy to the eyes
- Palatable armaments

Bad Bits:
- limited leg articulation
- Shield looks dinky without the Gatling gun


Fans of the early Universal Century MS will not be disappointed with this model kit. With its up-to-date construction and a refurbished array of armaments, this is surely a showstopper on its own, unless you have other preferences for Mobile suits. One thing is for certain, and to paraphrase the words of the original Gouf Pilot Ramba Ral: "This is no ordinary mobile suit, boy! NO ORDINARY SUIT!"



  1. This is one of my favorite HGUCs released last year :P I highly support your choice of choosing Norris suit over others haha.

  2. It's suppose to be "This is no zaku boy, no zaku!" XD I've been meaning to pick this up someday.

  3. @ chubbybots, I'm glad you liked this bad boy. I was going for other HGUC suits, but this got my eye first... XD

    @ Tom, well you got me there. Modified the quote for clarification. Good hunting for your own; you won't be disappointed... ^^