Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Red Comet Project Phase 1: The Work-in-Progress


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When we last left off our story, Amuro suddenly found an unusual box carrying parts for a certain red mobile suit. He knew that his rival is just about to emerge, but he need to look into it a bit more, so...

Amuro: I'm feeling something wrong here. I better call for help...
???: 10-4 white devil, we'll try to send someone there, but we cannot guarantee full fire support.
Amuro: Okay then- (Notices another suit nearby) Wait up, I got company. 
Amuro: It's just one suit; I'll handle this...

?????: Everything is now set. All that needs to be done is-
Amuro: Hold it right there...

?????: Well I'd be... We finally meet face to face, Amuro...
Amuro: Wait, you're not Ramba... 

?????: No, I am not. The name is Norris Packard, boy. I once fought a fellow Gundam Pilot such as yourself once. Nearly handed his ass and walked it dry.
Amuro: I thought you died during the Earth campaigns of the One-Year War.
Norris: It doesn't matter what happened then. THIS however will...

Amuro: (Points beam rifle) What in the blue hell are you talking about? Do you have anything to do with that box over there?

Norris: (Raises Gatling Shield) So what if I do? You don't even have a chance against me, more so against Lord Frontal.

Amuro: "Frontal?" Who in the blue hell is that, huh? And I do not give a Zaku's arse if you got the goods to take me out.

Norris: Guess you do not know who you are about to deal with here.

Norris: (Points at the area to his southeast) Look there young one, and be mesmerized at the rising greatness that is the Sinanju...


Now on to the main WIP Post (a summary thereof). Do bear in mind that some of the parts mentioned were 70-90% complete when the pics were taken.


So far an easy build. No sign of the dreaded Gold stickers. However there is one qualm with this part: the PC joint on the ankle. Gets too loose a bit quickly (More on that later...)


Now this is where things start to get hairy. I was torn between applying gold stickers, but seeing as I hated the cheapo look, I opted for the VERY HARD road: paint with a gold marker. this part though was slightly easy to paint than what I expected, compared to the other parts.

Also did a number on the thrusters (using a silver paint marker), and the supposedly yellow parts on the feet.
P.S. Check that face on the lower legs... XD

Waist area

Same routine as with the leg area, albeit fewer areas to paint. Though not shown here, Opted to paint the pipes in silver, tying in with the thruster color.

Did a number on the flaps at the rear skirt, but unlike the front, skipped the process of cutting the same skirt in half.

Torso Area

Painting gold on the torso was the nightmare of this suit; paint going overboard on the edges here and there. Remedied most of the edges with a black permanent marker. The gold here looked quite rusted, but is quite brighter up close... I think...

Arm Parts

Well, here's another qualm: the shoulder peg connecting the lower arm, i presume is bound to break at some point... Something to watch out for future Sinanju builders...

I'll explain the lower arms later in the review; forgot to take a picture... '^^


I'll let the pic explain what I did. Too bored to elaborate further... XD

Reminds me of a Zeon-made mobile armor...


This may be one of the hardest to paint, if not for the damn torso. In order not to strain myself even more, I went and applied a sticker on the emblem... Might remove the same later on.


Here's something a bit more interesting: some gold paint on the sides of the head. Also did the same to the horn days after this shot was taken, making it look more like a crown. Painted silver the vulcans and the piping...

So, that's the WIP so far. Stay tuned for the continuation of the Amuro-Norris confrontation followed by the much-awaited Sinanju Review... ^^

Until then...



  1. Just wait until I post the whole enchilada... :D

  2. Whoa, very interesting way of doing a warm up to the WIP of a kit. With regards to the gold stickers, sad to say I took the easy way out applying the stickers. I think I will repaint the kit after I see the effect of your painting on the kit XD