Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CelPrev Gunpla Advisory: August 2011


Well, blog backlog's cleared up as of this moment save for a couple of non-gunpla reviews. And with just a few days before the MechArts Community Anniversary Party, I figured I slip in some news on what's new in the Gunpla industry... :D

MG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G (Php~3100, Sept. 2011) - Already saw this coming after the release of the MG 00 Raiser last Q2 of this year. Got to love the details on that huge-arse buster sword. However, I fear that the joints on the GN Drive binders would be affected once that and the GN Sword II Blaster are mounted.

MG Gundam Sandrock EW Ver. (Php~2100, Oct 2011) - The fourth release from the Glory of the Defeated (Renamed as Glory of Losers) manga line-up, Looks quite tasteful despite having the most basic gimmicks and armaments. The blade parts for the Heat Shotels can be swapped between normal (silver/gray) and thermal (reddish orange) modes, which is quite a welcome addition.

RG Freedom Gundam (Php~1400, Nov 2011) - I have a feeling that this suit would be the true embodiment of how the new Real-Grade model line should be upon its release. And finally, separate manipulator hands (This was done previously in the RG Zaku II Normal type, but never with any Gundam in the same line, even the RG Aile Strike). 

I doubt the Strike Freedom would be next for this line, as this one already has a lot going on in the detail and articulation department. Hopefully the blue stripe in the rifle is NOT a sticker like its MG variant. Might consider this if I still got some moolah left for the coming Holidays...

[[UPDATE: August 26, 2011]]

Finally, some runner shots, and our prayers have been answered. The Blue part on the rifle is NOT... AND I MEAN NOT!... a sticker after all! (Check the blue runner on the upper right pic...)

HGUC Jesta (Php~900, Sept 2011) - Might give this also a second look right after the MC Hi-Nu Gundoom purchase, that is if I could still save up. Gives that FA Jegan feel with a dash of GM Quel without trying hard like the ECOAS type...

Now to the MS line-up for the upcoming Gundam AGE anime series. I've already seen previews of the AGE-1, and heard a lot of mixed reactions about it. What did get my attention on the other hand was the Mechs from the UE (Unknown Entity - the second alien species featured in the Gundam franchise after the ELS from the Awakening of the Trailblazer). Their edgy designs tend to appeal to me more than the normal-looking ones, especially the gray one in the pics.

Now on to some other serious Gunpla-related matters...

Just read this post from MatanglawinX, regarding someone misinterpreting some joke in relation to the upcoming Anniv Party. Now I do not want to aggravate the situation but here's a simple advice: READ THE WHOLE POST FIRST. 

Okay... Gone a bit overboard on that one... Need to go back to Law Books... Will see you guys later...

Pics from Gundam Guy, (The Age-1 Pic) and DC23 MechArts (The 'facepalming' Transformer)



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