Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CelPrev Exclusive: The MechArts Community Anniversary Party

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I will have to put other posts on hold as I still owe you guys my point-of-view during the recently concluded MechArts Community Forums First Anniversary party. Now, shall we?

Saluting (figuratively) to the 'Three Stars and a Sun' that graced the event
This officially marked my very first independent sojourn into an online community get-together, and one that I just joined up recently. So was the lively (dare I say rowdy) atmosphere...

The grand EB transpired at the hallowed grounds known to MAC members as the DC23 MechArts Headquarters (aka DC23's House), which was nearly filled to the brim thanks to the near-100 attendance (including the Singapore-based "Poison Monkeys")during that day. Even the rainy weather posed no threat for the intrepid Gunpla enthusiasts (yes, me included) to travel by convoy.

I have to admit: my collection pale in comparison to this lot... '^^
A lot of us quickly rushed to this cabinet, where some of DC's creations stood proud, from the snap-built kits to highly-detailed ones.

Here are some of the other shots from the party (mostly gunpla.... XD)  

Seeing the Coup D'etat Kampfer up close: Priceless... XD
The 'Battle-Damaged' Wing Zero (OVA Ver.)...
... and the Snap-built one (used as template for a proposed resin kit)
The "Gilgamesh Project" Diorama
Other notable Gunplas:

The MG Titanium Finish 00 Qan[T]'s from Vanz Anazasi and Paul "The Virgin Angel"
These two models are just one of the few ongoing Build-offs in the MAC Forums that I have begun viewing recently. Just getting inspiration for my future projects. '^^

You don't want to mess with this MoFo... B)
This one caught my eyes more, after sifting through DC's collection: Amir's entry into the four-way Apocalypse Showdown (View his WIP's here). I thought the MG Sinanju with two pairs of Shotels from the HG1/100 Sandrock was already the cake when he propped it up for display. I was later caught off-guard upon unleashing its supposed 'steed' - although remaining a further work-in-progress compared to the rider. Nonetheless, I have high hopes for this SOB... :D

There were, as expected of EBs of this magnitude, freebies given away. Although the prizes were limited by category, meaning some of the prizes (particularly the big fishes of the lot) were  intended for active forum members. 

Nonetheless, I still got some loots to boot... sort of... '^^

Yup. Consider the EW Medallion as a preview of things to come for the Archives... >:D

Check out the rest of the pics here: Invading the MAC Anniv Party

Well, until the next update... XD

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