Thursday, May 10, 2012

MC 1/144 Hi-Nu "Gundoom" (NT-ZERO Type) Review

Yeah, so this is it. The supposed final chapter of the Impending [Gun]Doom series. The post where the lowdown on the Hi-Nu NT-ZERO type will be unveiled. It now ultimately culminates after nearly a full year after its purchase (took a veeeeeery long time, too...)

P.S. Seems after doing this, my taste for customizing Gunpla just leveled up one notch; makes the Red Comet Project look like child's play...

Well anyway, let's get this s*** over with... (As for the WIPs, just sift through the site...)

Main kit, Base setup

As you can see, it is quite the behemoth they claim to be. At least High-Grade 1/144-wise. Do ignore the paint cock-up at the left arm. Lost control with the spray can on that one...

Dimensional Views

Front View
Right Side View
Left Side View
Rear View
This is one of the widest SOB's in the collection. The heaviest too, counting those Fin Funnels and fuel tank-slash-boosters...

Other Angles

Just loving how all-imposing this beast looks, even without weapons. As you can see, the black bits aren't exactly black (save for the V-Fin); cross-painted with Tivoli Blue to give that two-tone feel... Sort of...

Accessory Loadout

So far, the most number of accessories in the roster, not even counting the extras I personally added. And good call by MC for giving it four pairs (...AND I MEAN FOUR PAIRS!) of hands. 

Default Rifle/Shield Setup (With Stored Bazooka)

One thing that intrigued me so much regarding this kit is the same thing Z mentioned in his blog: it can do aerial poses even without an action base.

One of the most badass pose I made with this SOB.

Beam Bazooka

Not much of a drama with the Bazooka on tow. Do note that both default weapons have pegs on the handles, so as to make sure they stick on the trigger hands.

The suit itself does have a bit of a problem on the waist department; thanks to that recess part above the crotch area, waist pivot movement is limited.

By the way, another good thing with the trigger hands: they're compatible with other handheld weapons from the HGUC line as long as they are not hindered design-wise. I even tried giving the two beam rifles originally packaged with my RG RX-78 to this bad boy.

Beam Sabers and Effects 

Now come them pesky beam saber effects: two long beams, and a short dagger beam. Pesky because, like the effect pegs on the RG RX-78, they break easily. Anyway, this has more CQB configurations than most of my sword-equipped kits. Not even counting the Soul Cleaver System beam effect parts.

Do you want to go ONE... ON ONE... WITH THE GREAT ONE?!
Soul Cleaver System

Now it's on!

Basically, the Soul Cleaver is just a beam effect and some white part that can be either mounted on the left hand, Tonfa Style, or handheld with one or both beam saber handles, the latter requiring another angled beam effect. Perfect for some Gar-infused Darth Maul-style  action.

I... have... DA POWAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!
Monarch System

For this, MC takes a page out of the MG Destiny Gundam Extreme Blast Mode by slapping on some thin, translucent, and semi-reflective plastic sheets in between the Fin Funnels. All is well and good, but why include the damn fuel tanks in the gimmick? I understand that there are thrusters on each of its sides, but it's just not necessary.

Another note, Monarch System attached = strain on the pegs and polycaps connecting the funnel binders to the body...

NT-ZERO Exclusive Armament: Soul Cleaver System II-Reaper Mode

Since I do not intend to purchase another Gundoom in the near future (compared to what happened with the RG RX-78 and the Masurao), I began scratch-building a new handle for the Soul Cleaver. Basically it's a couple of runner rods and a part from the HG Exia's GN Sword held together with superglue and epoxy clay. 

Was a bit too lazy repainting it though, after scraping off some excess in order to accommodate the hands.

The other end thereof can fit the kit's normal beam saber effects as well. This, once equipped with one of the long beam effects, it is the longest among the roster by a longshot.

NT-ZERO Exclusive Armament: "Noa's Judgment" Linear Particle Rifle

Yes, now comes the bittersweet darling of the NT-ZERO's arsenal. As explained earlier, grafted a leg from the HG Graham Flag, and some random parts from the HG Kyrios, then given a matching color scheme, with gold and silver highlights. 

Why 'bittersweet'? Well for one thing, being composed of 30-40% epoxy putty, it does weigh quite a lot for just one arm to support it. Had to be lugged along with two hands.

Still, no bastard wants to mess with this baby, lest they get the most painful Bright Slap of a lifetime... XD


- Very menacing to look at, compared to the Bandai 1/144 ver.
- Quite articulate for its price
- Fully detachable fin funnels (which I unfortunately did not demonstrate for lack of action bases)
- A full set of manipulator hands
- Very versatile beam saber action


- Flimsy beam saber pegs
- Weak polycaps, especially on the wing binders
- Heavy Monarch System effects
- Obstructed waist movement
- Will draw raised eyebrows among Bandai Purists...


For a model kit that generated a lot of noise throughout the whole Gunpla community for quite a while, it does live up to the hype of being one hell of a piece. Notwithstanding the minor niggles and overshots, it will leave you quite satisfied. Even as it draws flak among Bandai purists for being a 'borderline' kit from China.

On a personal note, this kit may have not lured me in to the MC crowd (especially with the new kits that followed this), but like Z, it sure served its purpose by satisfying my curiosity. If ever you got this same kit, you may feel the same thing. Trust me...


  1. I'm surprised how legit this kit looks despite being a Chinese bootleg. I've gotta say, it looks (aesthetically) better than Bandai's model. I have the HGUC Hi-nu, and I was pretty disappointed with it, so this looks good. Though I could never bring myself to buy an off-brand model..

    1. I know, right. This kit serves as a good wake-up call for Bandai, just like what happened to Stark in Iron Man 2. Anyways, it's the brand's HG models that are drawing the flak; their SD's are quite safe.

      P.S. Might do a long-term legal position paper about this bit between MC< Sunrise and Bandai, regarding this...