Monday, May 21, 2012

Zoidiect's Base Zeydra GB: Project AlterAxia Quick Summary


Here comes another Skunkworks exclusive, this time in tune with The Zeydra Group Build/Kickcharge contest. In the first place, I did not intend to pick up any model kit from the Gundam Age series, since: one, I have not seen the series yet; and two, most of the mechs there do not appeal to me that much. Then came this bad boy, as piloted by some white-haired chap who stands in as a Char for this series.

Boxart is quite aplenty with the red bits, but why use yellow as well? Anyways...


Decided to repaint the entire thing in a similar way to the Zaku F2000/GS-A that I just finished, but elected to use Bosny Gloss Honda Red instead of Tivoli Blue (particularly the yellow bits...) I just do not want to completely remove the Char Clone feel to it. 

Did an initial mock-up of the head and tail-mounted sword. Chopped off the lower collar from the head unit.

Later on, I found out that the rear skirts had pegs where you insert polycap ball joints for articulation. Then I saw the extra parts I had from the time I repaired the Masurao. That gave me an idea: assembled the Masu's upper arm assembly, shoulder pads, and the GN Tau Drive binders, then slapped them into the Zeydra. 

However, it posed quite a problem in the suit's leg articulation department, thus thinking of another mounting point. Then it hit me:

- Chubbybots had this idea of slapping Zeydra's wings on to the lower pegs, for extra badass factor; and
- I still had parts to create a duplicate Masurao head.

So, swapped the Masu-based parts from the lower skirt with the wings, then proceeded to swap the Zeydra's head with that from the Masu.

End result was just staggering, that I had to name it AlterAxia (coincidence as well, since I was also reading the Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero manga scanlations...)

What happened next:

Fodder training with a derelict Gaplant TR-5 Hrairoo. Them GN Tau drives look a lot like cape edges, do they? XD

LOL; that's got to hurt... XD
Honestly, I'd prefer this angle for the damn kick; a lot more dramatic to look at... XD

Anyway, I'll post the review in the next two weeks; final exams coming in...

But not without a preview shot for the upcoming SMP:

Had to adapt the schematics from their MG versions, in order to get everything visualized... :D

Anyways chaps, cheerio... ^^



  1. surprisingly looks good with masurao's head =D

    digging the black+red, nice bright red too

  2. Ohhh... I like on where this is all going.