Friday, July 6, 2012

HGFC 1/144 Shining Gundam Review

Yeah, quite a long-delayed review this, considering the fact that I purchased this baby a few days before Christmas, roughly the same time as the Zaku F2000 (before I gave it the GS-A treatment.) Nonetheless, this is gonna be the very first time I merge the WIP with the review.

So time to get this overly-long and quite overdue review going... WITH THE HELP OF KYOO- *slaps...


Yeah, that's all the runners inside the box. Not that much really. At least they did not skimp on the beam effects...

 WIP: Core Fighter
There were some problems with the core fighter: One, it's just composed of two colors; and two Bandai did not even bother giving it more detail. So I broke out my silver paint marker (the same I used during the Red Comet Project) and painted the hatch and boosters. For added measure, I lathered a bit of permanent marker on the white pieces for added detail.

WIP: Torso
The torso is quite simple to build; just slot in a couple of polycaps for the arms, and snap everything else. I did try to paint the protruding yellow bits gold, though. AND the shoulder vulcans. (Could have molded a separate piece for it, Bandai...)

WIP: Heads
Now, two things: one, the subtitle is NOT a typo, AND two, you are seeing double. That's because for this particular kit, there is a bit of parts swapping  to replicate the suit's "Super Mode" gimmick. Painted the rear vents gold, and the sensors. Aside from panel lining the mouth vents.

WIP: Shoulders
Now, to be frank, I DID attempt on painting gold the shoulders. but as you can plainly see, they turned out quite awful. So, resorted to the stickers.

WIP: Arms
Quite a lot of parts, but that is to be in tune with the growing model kit tech. Painted gold some of the parts.

WIP: Feet
Quite simple, these feet. Apart from the part where you re-position some parts for the Super Mode...

WIP: Legs
Just the usual scheme as to the arms, to maintain that "close to the Anime" look. BTW, that's how far them legs can bend. Impressive, but not actually close to 00's...

Ooops, forgot to take pics of the waist... '^^


Completed Kit:
Very simple, clean, and somehow imposing at the same time. Looks badass even when just standing there...

Dimensional Views:
Not much to mention here. Save for some booboos on the details. (Yeah, my bad. I suppose... '^^)

Action Poses
Being a dedicated close-combat mobile 'fighter', it sure gets superb levels of articulation. Even better than the HGFC God Gundam, which is quite a surprise considering that the latter was the Mid-Season upgrade...

Not much on accessories, save for the beam effects. More on those (coupled with some dramatic shouting) later...

Beam Sabers Swords
So far, the only handheld weapons Shining can wield, minus the 'other one'. Not much to say, really... -__-

Shining Finger bit...



Yeah, that just sums up the Ol' "Basic finishing move", just swap the head and hands.

As an added bonus, Bandai supplied the kit with a near-Perfect Grade sized (sort of) hand effect. Supposedly used in tandem with the "Darkness Finger" from the HGFC Master Gundam. (P.S. They are somewhat loose on the hands, so some good ol' BluTack is used...)

 Now for the reeeeally dramatic bit... HENSHIN!


This hand of mine glows with an awesome POWERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!*
*Blogger's note: Clarkson-style accent... XD

It's burning grip tells me to defeat you!!


and ALL OF MY SORROW!!!!!!!




Yeah, that's quite the super mode that should be to be honest (minus the gold.) A qualm with the Super mode though: some parts feel loose after placing them on. particularly the soles of the feet.


Good Bits:
- Great articulation
- Anime-accurate main colors

Bad Bits:
- Stickers
- Loose parts
- Hassle in switching between normal and Super Modes...


I will not be skimping on the flaws too much and go straight to the point: This kit is one hell of a refreshingly satisfying build. Seems that Bandai is going in the right direction with the mass revamping of old kits, even those based from alternate universes. Seems the future will be looking bright for the rest of the HGUC Alternate Universe kits.

BTW, as to those annoyed with the exaggerations of the G Gundam Series, here's some parting words...

Domon:  俺を誰だと思ってやがる??!!*
*Cue Exploding volcano in the background...


  1. Aww man, foil stickers and part swapping? At this point in time, every time I see those two things, its just a huge disappointment. The kit does look alright in super mode though

    1. It's a HG, some trade-offs and limitations ARE to be expected.
      Lest of course, it's an RG... >.>

  2. Oh God... Clarkson-style accent. I imagine Domon revs up the system beyond it's thermal design envelope. XD

    The thighs are a lot better than it's successor... Which has a stumpy look. >.>

    1. ALSO the fact that the connections much like the 00's, so leg articulation is improved.

      And yes, I HAD to use the ol' Jezza catchphrase for that since it felt perfectly appropriate... XD

  3. link added to my MG Shining Gundam review.

  4. Planning to collect Gundam Figures but I'm not sure if I can afford the price. It costs 1000Php here in our country probably the cheapest and that's a big money already.

  5. You can't even pose for shit. Disgusting. This kit is wasted on you.