Thursday, October 14, 2010

Possible Upcoming Gunpla: 50th All-Japan Plamo Hobby Show

Seems Bandai are on the roll with brand new Gunpla for the next few months. They have really pulled out possibly ALL the stops in the 50th All-Japan Plamodel Hobby Show.

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First up, possibly the motherload of the Perfect Grade collection: PG Strike Freedom Gundam (Due December 2010). We'd better hope that the gold parts, details, and articulation be worth the hefty price tag (JPY 26,250). Still, look at that body; it really looks very menacing even with just half of its armor on

There will be hell to pay for the decals though... O_o

Next up would be the MG 00 Qan[T] from the Gundam 00 Movie (which is as of this post still has not been released with English Dubs). Now, I wouldn't be digging the design for being not much the 'mid-season/end-season upgrade' that it should be, but the details really stand out quite nicely. (I still prefer either 00 Raiser, Masurao, or Arche to have gotten the MG treatment though, but that's just me... '^^)

Now, having the RG RX-78 is already a joy and a pain for me; the latter because of the miniscule parts and the painstaking assembly process. I might have to pass off this one, and settle for an HGUC Char's Zaku II for the holidays, along with a second RG RX-78 to commence necessary repairs... Well, until they release another MS worthy of the RG treatment...

Seems I've been sort of reading Bandai's and Sunrise's mind right; with Gundam Wing celebrating its 15th probably next year, they're updating the Gundam lineup by giving the five main suits the MG treatment. As plainly seen in the photos, the designs are based from the Endless Waltz: Glory of the Defeated manga; might be a slight disappointment for fans of mech designer Kunio Okawara (who practically made the versions used in the TV series.

But then came the Ultimate Bombshell...

I can now hear fans of the OVA Deathscythe Hell rejoicing now, with this Master-grade bad boy on display. Wish they would incorporate finer details on the wings; looks a tad too bland for me.

Now on to the High-Grades; there are your usual future releases from the 00 and the HGUC Gunpla Beginners Line. And then there's from the Alternate Timelines under the HGUC line:

The HGUC Gundam X Divider is pretty much a giveaway, counting that it will  most likely share majority of the parts with its predecessor. I'm quite skeptic on how it holds the rifle though.

The HG God Gundam (Hyper Mode). Quite lost for words here, save for one thing: how about the hollow areas on the middle wing binders?

NOW I'm very lost for words; judging from the picture, seems the HGUC Nobel Gundam will be grabbing some parts from the 00 Gundam for it to achieve near-unparalleled articulation. Note to self: consider buying Nadleeh and Strike Rouge when tempted to get this...

Well that's quite a mouthful; now how about reviving the other MS's worthy of updating, Bandai?

Photos source: Gundam Guy  

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