Monday, November 1, 2010

Hobby-No-Toriko creation: HG 1/144 00 Qan[T] Ultimate

Known for his clean kitbashes of HG (and some MG) model kits, Hobby-NoToriko may have gone overboard with his latest project. He christened it as the 00 Qan[T] Full Sword; I call it Setsuna's dream Gundam... XD

Let's check the numbers on this bad boy:

00 Qan[T] unit (with 3 GN drives, Avalanche Exia lower legs, and a head with elements from Astrea, 00, and Qan[T]):

GN Drives (Second-Gen) x3
GN Katars x2
Feet-mounted Beam Sabers x2
GN Blade Bits x12

XN Raiser unit:

GN Drives (First-Gen) x2
GN Buster Sword II x2
GN Buster Sword III x2
GN Sword III x2

The end result:

... absolutely overkill... O_O

Photos: Hobby-No-Toriko 


Mr. Bushido: Looks fine and dandy to me... now WHERE THE HECK'S MY MASURAO'S INTRODUCTION?! 
Wes: The masked Gaijin has a point; Hrairoo's itching to flaunt its Hrududu II system now, come on! 
Amuro: Yeah! And when will you commence repairs for my Gundam, huh?!
Me: Uh... O_O


  1. The pictures aren't displaying ^__^;;

    I did go to the site earlier and check it out though, and I think it's AWESOME >:D. I wish he would have kept it more 00Q-ish instead of giving it 00's V-fin and Avalanche Exia's legs though =\

  2. Well, sort of fixed the images, but had to download and re-upload them here... ^^'