Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Filler post: end-year post and further reviews...

Before I go further with the backlog of reviews, I figured I start up another essay. Currently I've begun with the first few issues, and I wish to add more of the following:

- reports on alleged plagiarism against a Supreme Court Justice;
- trends regarding the Christmas craze;
- a little bit of personal metanoia re: Christmas Jingles
- personal takes on media hype in general; and
- maybe a wee bit of information on dream Gunpla builds... ^^;

I'll try posting the whole thing within the next few days. The backlog of reviews may have to be pushed back a bit more. Until the next post then... ^^


Mr. Bushido, Wes, and Amuro: Whre the HELL are our suits?! >_<
Me: Wait, i do understand your clamors for your mobile suits to be featured at the least possible time. But try giving the guy a break... And besides, we may possibly get a couple more residents within the next few months or so...

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