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HG 1/144 Arios Gundam GNHW/M Review

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Ah, the Arios... It was one of the most underrated Gundams ever to appear in a series, and for some reason too. Notwithstanding its clean transformation gimmick somewhat reminiscent of the Wing Gundam, it rarely got the exposure it needed throughout the second season of Gundam 00, not until the last few episodes (including a modified Waverider crash). 

Nonetheless, maybe just to complete the S2 lineup, I decided to include it previously on my Christmas Wish List, alongside another pre-Yuletide purchase (that is for another review...)

Now to the main business... (Cue Drowning Pool... )

I opted to get the GNHW-equipped version of Arios mainly because it looks more buffed up than the standard one, with those two missile pods on its back. Compared to Kyrios and Harute, this is the more edgy-looking suit of the three without looking too edgy.

Usual dimension views

I am quite impressed as to how this suit is designed, with those shoulder overhangs and edged knees. I wonder if someone would recolor this into Starscream... XD

More Views

Got to love how they incorporated the V-fin design aspect in to the helmet, without losing that trademark visage. it looks like the fins were flushed into the head unit by the orange forehead. Trimmed the excess plastic on the tips for added edge.

As to the lower part, Z was right when he reviewed this bad boy: it DOES have thunder thighs. A qualm on the design though: why, in all places, should the GN Drive be positioned in the crotch? it was already annoying with Cherudim's A$$-mounted GN drive.

Weapon Set

Not quite the weapon set I expected from this kit (unlike the 00 Seven Sword/G), but still fills in the vitals: 2 wrist-mounted Submachine guns, 2 Missile pods, 2 beam sabers of unequal length (beam effects circa 2002), a Beam cannon, and a twin barreled rifle, which doubles as an air-to-ground beam weapon (more on that later)

On to brandishing...

GN Submachine Guns

The only time I've seen this weapon in full use was when it wiped out a swarm of Gaga units on the penultimate episode of the series. Whoever added these into Arios must have loved the arms of the NT-1 Alex. Or its female pilot... XD

GN Twin Beam Rifle 

Not much to tell about this while in MS form, as it just functions much like the garden variety rifle. This one shines better on the suits MA form (more on that later... again)

GN Beam Cannon

I think this weapon was destined for Arios to wield. However you pose this bad boy, it does not obstruct the suit's already versatile articulation. Should have designed it with a left-hander option, though.
Hallelujah: ALL YOUR BASES ARE BELONG TO ME M*&^@#*^&@$!
Dual Wield time!

I have to give this one good note about the model kit: there is this special peg included for action bases which you have to connect at the back of Arios' GN Drive. The result: near-endless mid-air poses, even with static action bases like the one used in this review.

GN Beam Sabers

As for the beam sabers, they are the standard fare as to the other 00 S2 Gundams with two distinct differences: one, the beam effects are of different length; and two, the hilts have these holes on the side which you have to attach to the front skirts when not in use. 

Now upon seeing what Z did with the Beam Saber hilts on this bad boy, and since I still have a couple of beam effects from a bootlegged Seraphim Gundam, I decided to go one better... XD

5-AXIS Blade mode

Hallelujah: Oh, Hilling! Where are you?! >XD

Basically, it's Arios with its normal beam sabers on both hands, another couple of beam sabers on the front skirt (ala-The O), and of course (thanks to Z) the secret weapon: teh GN P3N!5 Blade deployed... XD

You need to be very careful with the front skirts though: VERY easy to pop off...

MA Mode

Transformation is teeny bit more complicated than Kyrios, but you need not swap parts. The only things needed to reposition: the rear skirt and GN Missile pods.

Once it's ready to fly (with the help of an action base, of course) though, it certainly looks a lot sleeker. As sleek as Zeta or Wing, to be exact. Both handheld ranged weapons can be attached to the hands in this mode (Although you need to flip a peg on the beam cannon).

Now for the other features...

GN Twin Beam Rifle... again

This is where the Twin Beam Rifle shines: the top barrel swings downward to shoot the living hell out of ground-based targets (in the instance of this suit, A-laws dissidents). quite an ingenious feature this, instead of going for a nosedive to fire your ranged weapons.

GN Missile Pods

Deploying these bad boys are the same way as you would deploy the GN SMG: remove the cap, then place it on the shorter slot. Reminds me of HGFC G Gundam's arm guard for the 'God Finger' pose.

GN Pincers

When you think the pincer shield on Kyrios was awesome, they remove the shield then incorporate the pincers... ON THE SHOULDERS! Does integrate a new method of executing  the 'Waverider Crash'. This weapon I lurve a lot... >:D


Good Bits:
- Very decent design in MS form, Awesome MA form
- Palatable array of weapons
- Stable PC Joints (at least on this certain kit)
- Posability even with rigid action bases
- Beam saber versatility

Bad Bits:
- Not-so-secure front skirts


Having this model kit around will not disappoint, even if you're not into transforming suits. It looks good in MS mode, has a decent amount of weapons to equip it with, and the articulation is not that bad. I'm quite satisfied with it after the build and the photoshoot, and hopefully so will anyone  who may think of purchasing this.

Well, standby for the next review 'cause it's about to get nutty and maroon... XD

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