Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Operation MasuRE: Return of the Black Samurai Pt. 1


In response to the emergence of Full Frontal before the entire CelPrev roster (which included a heated hell-raising on a certain maroon suit, two men embarked on a journey to counter this threat. Which meant travelling to their old base of operations to retrieve and revive a derelict suit...

Yes... it's THOSE two... XD
NOTE: Billy's word balloons are in brown, Graham's in yellow, to note...

Oooh, Billy; you two-timin' SOB... XD
Wait a sec. I sense a Brokeback moment, here... XD

Re-acquisition confirmed: HG Masurao
Yup; this is my SECOND 2nd-time purchase, aside from the RG RX-78...

Concerning this omake, it would be Billy's VERY FIRST time to experience mid-air transformation...  Prepare the Barf Bags... XD

Somebody say 'Rollercoaster'?

After a few sessions with the barf bag...

They did land eventually... '^^
And so, they proceed inspecting the box...

----- END TRA-

Standby for the WIP, Review, and and a continuation of this omake later on... (Need... more... pics...)



  1. Haha... Seems like Billy needs more flying time with Graham... XD

  2. Oh Billy, U. XD

    So... Graham/Mr. Bushido will have showdown in the future? =D