Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HGUC 1/144 Sinanju Review

*Alternate Title - The Red Comet Project: The Epilogue
Image courtesy of 1999.co.jp
*Life Rant...

Finally, after a couple of days I get to complete the process regarding this bad boy. XD I now proudly declare as of this point that this is so far the most AMBITIOUS that I have gone to, even beating the RG RX-78!

By the Way, here's the links leading to this suit...

-Phase 1: The Work-in-Progress
-Phase 2: The Undercard
-Final Phase: The Main Event

*End Life Rant...

Anyways, on to the suit. First seen on Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA, this was intended to be the modern interpretation of the suit that is '3 times faster than the other suits.' Compared to its predecessor, the Sazabi, this suit is more inclined to high-speed, high-precision maneuverability, due to the lack of a psycommu system.

This particular suit had its first shine before the Gunpla community as a Ver. Ka. Master Grade which, aside from the usual small decals, was one of the most tedious thanks to the foil stickers. This predicament was carried over to its HGUC iteration, albeit in a slightly more tolerable form.

Completed Model... I think...

For me though, I found the gold stickers still way too hard to apply, so I opted to use gold markers on the black parts. Somehow it worked; will try to repaint the parts once I get to it.

360-Degree Views

As you can see, the only stickers I used in this kit would be the green orbs and the shield emblem. I plan to remove the last one later on.

More Views

A unique feature on this particular kit would be the horn. I did not want to leave it plain red so I painted the SOB along with the side features on the head. Kinda made it look like a crown.


So far, this kit is the most laden of the Collection. Lovin' the beam effects and the tomahawk axes. 

Now to some posing... :D

Beam Rifle/Shield/Grenade Launcher

The default weapon setup for most mobile suits. This kit does not disappoint when it comes to posability and versatility. Note also that the beam rifle can also be configured with the packaged grenade launcher much like the MG version. 

Which brings me briefly to the Bazooka on the HGUC Dreissen Unicorn ver.: can it be connected there as well?

Attempt on the Boxart Pose... sort of...
Beam Tomahawks: Shield Attachment Mode

This configuration I particularly like just because it looks much like the Covenant sword from Halo. Quite a good offense-defense option, this.

Long Blade Mode
Seeing this behemoth hold the tomahawks in this configuration really brings out the close-combat look. Good thing to note also is that they do not flip-flop about on the hands.

Axe Mode

It's not as flashy as the previous mode, but still pays homage to the Sazabi's beam axes quite well. Something to note, as I have stated in an earlier post, the shoulder-arm connection needs to be reinforced more to prevent any risk of breakage.

Tri-blade mode

Well, not much of a battle mode but more of a showcase of the three types of beam blades at its disposal. The two photos are also the only ones in this review to showcase the beam sabers.


The Good Bits:

- Near-invulnerable design
- vast array of weapons
- Good fun factor levels

The Bad Bits

- weak shoulder pegs
- tedious construction
- even MORE tedious application of gold elements (either paint or sticker)

So far, I'm quite satisfied as how this model kit turned out. As you can plainly see in this review, I feel lost for words regarding this suit. Well, save for some nitpicking particularly the gold elements. I will eventually try to improve the detail on this suit before calling it quits on this certain project. It was sure one hell of a ride, this.

Frontal: Now, bow down to me!


  1. I do agree with you in on the issues of the gold stickers. I also used the stickers myself, but now thinking of replacing them with paint once I find the time.

  2. Painting them is a pain, take it from me.
    I can never seem to bring my self to so willingly deviate from the original design colors, but I gotta admit the 'crown' treatment does give some extra elegant-ness to the Sinanju's already regal design!
    Also, (Random question) how do you get your reviews to condense on the front page (i.e., how do you do the "Read more" thing)?

  3. love the way you made the head. looks majestic :D

  4. The need for stickers really bring this model down a few notches. I wanted this one because I can't afford the MG but with so stickers needed, I dunno...

    1. Well, that's Bandai's marketing for ye. Still, I expected them to do some semi-RG engineering with them trims.

      RIght now, it's quite better than the MG when it comes to those damn stickers...