Monday, June 6, 2011

Operation MasuRE: Return of the Black Samurai Pt. 2


Well, things are looking well for the intrepid duo, as they finally unbox the Masurao. Only to find out...

Well, that's optimism for you... XD
Yup, it's in pieces for the moment. Which also means... WIP Summary time!


The Leg parts (With GN Tau Drive Binders)
I quite like the way the legs are designed, but the engineering behind the feet parts feel odd: tends to get loose easily, even with tight PC Joints.

 The torso makes that design transition from the OverFlag chest into something more curved and fluid. Glued the wire to the back slot as it is the easiest among the parts to pop off...

Waist and Backpack
Very small waist compared to other model kits, but the PC-ball-jointed pegs for the hips are rigid. Got to love the Union Emblem-inspired backpack, though...

Arm Parts with Beam Saber Handles
 If you're seeing double in this pic, that is because the white parts were supposed for the HG 00 Susanowo (released ahead of Masu).  I figured that I clip them on both hands for symmetrical reasons... :D

Quite small for a Flag-derived head, if you count out the horns/antennae for the Beam Chakram.

Now to our usual programme... XD


Graham being Captain Obvious... XD

Billy owning his best friend there...
Just follow what the expert says, Graham... XD

Starting the newly-repaired suit...
Good thing he didn't say 'Trans-(Grah)Am' right off the bat... XD

Well, it started up correctly...
"something odd"? Wait up-... oh... '^^ 
Now it's on!
-----END TRA-

Standby for the review in a couple of days... maybe weeks... '^^


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