Thursday, July 28, 2011

CelPrev Anniversary Post (aka The State of the Blog Address)


Well, the "Behind the Scenes" omake for my MechArts Community Wallpaper entry will have to delayed a bit further, to give way for my so-called "State of the Blog Address" (yeah, SOBA... very corny, right?), in commemoration of the very first year of the CelPrev Program. Honestly, I should be making a summary post a few years later, but I'm jumping the gun for this one.

Let us begin, shall we?


As you can plainly see from this pic, not much to boast of in the views, with June 2011 garnering a whopping 2490 views out of the 12000+ for this year... Moving on to the inner details...

Top Posts

I was quite surprised that the post with the highest number of views was not a review, but a quickie post. Particularly the one about the MG Deathscythe EW Mod. (518 views, wow...) The album review also beat every gunpla review in this chart...

Traffic Sources

Well, it really works to have your site linked from popular sites of similar interests; majority of the referrals came from Z's Real Gundam Model Review, with C. Jin's Shinkan Crossing coming in at a close second (that is if you remove the Google search sites). Not much telltale as to search keywords... So far...


Well, the figures speak for themselves. I'm more concerned as to how in the blue hell did I get 14 views with a FREAKING PLAYSTATION 3! O_O Someone's been burning cash with that gaming juggernaut, that I'm sure... XD

Now as to the summary proper:

Gunpla Reviews: 10. So far, so good. For an occasional blogger/law student, that is. Still need to focus more on post diversification...

But that does not mean that the CelPrev collection shall remain in that number; as of date, I've already scheduled at least two purchases before the year ends, and the first one's already a given... XD.

Album Review: 1. I'm just getting started with this, since I'm getting the feel of making reviews like the old days at the school publication...

Number of online contests participated - 2:

The Double-Take Comet Kick (for the Sinanju Group Build)
- Zodiect's Sinanju Group Build/Best Kick contest - Although unofficial, this was quite a proving ground for me as to how I create a thematic picture with just Gunpla. Also a showcase of the 'Goldenhorn treatment' I gave to my Sinanju (received some praises for this)

- MechArts Community Anniversary Wallpaper Contest (Linked from DC23 MechArts)- this contest was a big break for me after finishing my review backlog. My thought when I saw the other entries in the MAC forums was: there must be some other way to pull this off without going the full Monty with picture editing through Photoshop. So I borrowed my Dad's DSLR, positioned the two suits with their respective boxes, add a couple of Gunpla Building tools, and one hell of a quote to top it all off. 

Because for all I know, way before I began this current hobby, even way before I started this blog, I went through my childhood years like everyone else.

... and that my fellow bloggers is the bottom line... 

-----END TRA-

BTW, Coming soon in the CelPrev Program: Oplan Impending [Gun]Doom... XD



  1. Congrats on your anniversary! Been a pleasure following your blog. Keep up the good blogging! XD

  2. Your RG RX 78-2 is chillin' while the Sinanju pose LIKE A BOSS. =D

  3. @ Gunso...

    Thanks for the support there, buddy... ^^

    @ BD...

    Now that you've mentioned it, Mezzr. Frontal's on a Chicken-Strip-and-Bagel diet after that encounter with Mezzr. Bushido-Gaijin... XD