Friday, July 8, 2011

CelPrev Quickie Post: 1/144 Wing Gundam Zero "Re-Custom"


Now chances are, you've been reading updates from Gundam Guy, particularly on customized model kits featured in Japanese magazines such as Dengeki Hobby, Hobby Magazine, Gundam Ace, and the like. This particular custom-built model kit, as featured in Hobby Mag's August issue, didn't just made my optics lock in; it made them zoom so close to the laptop that I had to squint a bit to realize the awesomesauce.

Truth be told, even before I started this blog, I was a die hard fan of this suit. Just looking at its archangel-inspired design, while it carried those two long barrels of carnage that comprise its trademark weapon and you'll understand what I'm talking about. 

However, the last time it was incarnated as a model kit of 1/144 size was in 1998 under the High Grade Fighting Action (HGFA) line (Both me and BabyTheEnd have made reviews on the same kit). Those who cannot afford the Master Grade variant (so far its best iteration), more so the 1/60 Perfect Grade, had to settle for the HGFA variant, which is as of this moment is now outclassed by latter HGUC releases and the newly-created-yet-very-fragile Real-Grade line.

Well for modeler Masaki Tanaka, HGFA is just not going to cut it in the modern age of Gunpla. He decided to do an overhaul of the original HGFA 1/144 variant to give it the articulation that it deserved in the first place. 

The swappable torso from the old one HAD to go, in favor of a single one supported by - lo and behold - the Advanced MS joint from one of the RG kits (my guess would be the RG Aile Strike). Got to love also the clear orb piece for the Search Eye.

The RG donor's AMS waist had to be sacrificed as well for this build. That meant separate skirts fore and aft, and a new connector for the action bases. For the arms, it's a bit more different: a fusion of the RG's shoulder and wrist, coupled with elbows from a late-model HG (the text indicated 'HGFC', so I am guessing Nobel...) The hands though were custom-cast resin; adds drama on holding the weapons.

The legs were the same story as the arms, but the feet were given an additional articulation point, designed to swing downward. Solves the stability problem while making it look better when airborne. The wing connectors (Particularly those connecting the bigger side wings) were modded as well; the smaller rear ones however were left untouched.

Other parts left as is, or modded slightly, were the weapons (particularly to accommodate the new hands). The end result is nothing short of great: the finished model can now do what the HGFA version can only hope of pulling off. Think Robot Damashii territory, and you'll get how this bad boy poses now.

Now as to why I posted this is just simple: it is to remind Bandai that there are a few more old kits that in dire need of update, this included. This year, I may have to settle for the RD, but I'm not giving up any hope for a HGUC, or even a RG release... :D

Pics as usual from Gundam Guy


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