Friday, July 1, 2011

CelPrev Advisory: Showdown at Spratlys, PNoy Admin at 1, Dark of the Moon, and more...


Well, here’s another CelPrev Update for you. But instead of just going on with the usual Gunpla News, I will be delving into a state of rant-and-rave frenzy with the current events from around the Globe, and a few personal insights as well. Shall we start off?

First up on the list would be the brewing squabble among the Southeast Asian Nations and the People’s Republic of China on the highly contested Spratly Island group. A lot is at stake here: vast fishing grounds, expansion of national borders, and of course the oil deposits. Hopefully, this will get settled in the next few months; otherwise everyone’s going to get hurt one way or the other…

In local political trends, yesterday marked the first-year milestone for the Aquino Administration. Unfortunately, what just happened was a mere role-switching among politicians (which for them is the norm). There is no doubt on the efforts of frugality in government spending, the pushing of internal reforms on every government instrumentality.

Sadly, what appears to be ‘small zits’ became the noticeable blemishes of this presidency: a botched hostage crisis, the ‘second-hand Porsche’ debacle, and some dabs of headaches from appointed officials. To his excellency, I say this: bring out the gauntlets and teach a lesson to those hypocrites. That is if he’s still dead serious on ending this country’s hardships.

On some personal notes: a new semester in Law school had just begun, yet there are still holes in my already-hectic schedule. One of my professors has not made his appearance ever since classes went to gear a week and a half ago. Once the work comes seeping in to me, there will not be that much posts (also add the fact that was forced to downgrade from Wi-Max to Broadband internet…)

Still that did not deter me from watching the third Transformers film. I’ll just make this quick: fight scenes were more than the first two combined, but the plot got a bit messy. And that’s that for movie news.

As for blog updates, including the conclusion to Operation MasuRE and the behind-the-scenes to my MAC Forums Wallpaper Entry, just expect them within this month.

Until then you guys…


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  1. For a three hour movie, the plot definitely could have been bettered paced, especially the ending. The humor and fight scenes were pretty good though.