Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oplan I[G]D Phase 2: The Snap-Fit Attempt


As promised, I will post an update regarding the controversial MC Hi-Nu Gundoom, and the attempts at giving it the CelPrev harbinger treatment (in fact, I've already finished the basics and planning on giving it more weapons to hold.) However, with Final Examinations looming, the rest of the WIP will have to be put on hold.

So, on to our usual programming...

When we last left off Amuro, he (along with his Gundam) was left in shambles, forced to accept defeat at the hands of a highly-advanced red suit. He decided on requesting a brand new suit to go toe-to-toe with the more powerful suits. 

Fast forward a few months later, he returned to the Skunkworks (the same place where he found the initial phase of Sinanju's construction), to check if the package he requested have arrived...

"Okay, now time to find if that package arrived..."

"I must say though... the confessor sure has good hardware, but he needs to hide the damn wires..." 

Me: Hey, how did the wires end up part of the skit?

(Newtype senses tingling) "That flash... could it be?"

"Hey, is it just me or is that a very huge beam sword? Better take this with me"

"Hmm. Those boxes... Must really be seeing things..."

He then saw two half-open boxes on top of the table...

(NOTE: Found out after the first Impending [Gun]Doom post that the box would not fit on any large bag, thus hindering the usual 'covert-ops' trick. My only remedy: transport only the runners and the construction guide in one of my bags... Risky, but worth it...)

"This must be that package that I requested... That means..."

"This sword was part of the package... Me likey a lot! :D"

*Peeks into the boxes... "Quite a lot of parts for something that is supposed to be same size as mine..."

"Wait a sec..."

"Hmmn... Seems the Confessor already begun with construction... I guess it won't hurt helping him out..."

"Wow! Seems I underestimated the height claims..."


Now for some brief explanation as to the rest of the WIP...

The legs are sculpted quite well, further complimenting its sheer size. Judging by these alone, it can be a challenger to Arche's height record...

Those who have built this kit will complain on the white part on the side skirt: tends to fall off with a slight tap. May have to reinforce this with quick-drying cement glue.


A few hours later, I finished the Torso and shoulders... Which made Amuro very nervous...

"Howly $#!&! it's now way taller than me! O_o"



After that part of the build, Amuro found a note at the side of the box...

"NOTE: Package bound for Manila Satellite Base, re-paint and software upgrade..."

*Facepalms... "You have got to be kidding me..."

Next update coming in November... Sort of...


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