Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oplan I[G]D Phase 3: Commencing Side-Project NJ and Final Body Fitment


A few bad news first: during the construction process of the Hi-Nu Gundoom, a peg from one of the normal-size beam sabers broke. As a result, I had to do some emergency repairs, poor man style, thus delaying for quite a while the culmination of the WIP/Omake on this kit. 

However, this predicament did open the floodgates for improving on the Gundoom's existing weapons, particularly the Soul Cleaver system. Thus this post...

As for the good news: I'm almost done with the photoshoot process; practically completed majority of the omake part and will begin with the review photoshoot later on.

So, anyway... 

So, here are the only pics of the weapon upgrades the Gundoom will be receiving in the process. Not much to say as to the third pic; it's simply a handle extender to the existing Soul Cleaver system, thus making it a bit more like a twin-bladed spear... sort of... 

The second pic is more inclined to the centerpiece of this weapon build; a brand new, high-output linear rifle. Salvaged the broken rifle from the Gaplant TR-5 Hrairoo, then grafted some junk parts from my salvage boxes.

The said weapon will also get a similar color scheme as the main kit. The only problem I had with it: handling it with one hand causes the wrists to sag; needs two hand to properly use the damn thing.


Speaking of color schemes, time to reveal the final assembly process of the main suit, minus the Fin Funnel Assembly...

Feet and Legs: practically left them untouched, apart from the color switch. Was planning to give the blue calf parts the black-to-blue two-tone treatment, but later decided against it.

Waist area: Glued the white parts of the side skirts, after drying the tivoli-blue parts. Added waterslide decals to the front skirt; panel lined with #2 pencil...

Torso area: Tivoli blue on the removable gray piece on top of the center fin, while black on th rest and Two-tone on the upper areas.

Arms: left the lower arms in tivoli blue while matched the shoulders with the upper body. Easiest to place the large waterslide decals.

External Fuel Tanks: Painted the larger end black, instead of the usual silver
Head Unit: Tivoli blue on the center crest and chin, Black on the V-fin, and some panel lines.

Well, until the reveal phase of the 3-part main omake, guys...


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