Friday, May 17, 2013

[CP Update] Still struggling, but...


Took me quite a while to post some updates, due to looming IRL obligations (more subjects, a lot more necessary spending, etc...) AND my old laptop has finally had it.

So sitrep on the archives: Most of the major projects are now set on indefinite hiatus...


With a lot of model kits being released left and right, on BOTH sides of the fence, I figured I start up once more. There's the usual releases from Bandai (IM'MA GET YOU SOMEDAY, BYARLANT CUSTOM!), spearheaded with some unusual surprises (RG DESTNY ALREADY?!)

Then there are the ones on the other side: the bootlegs. Ever since the massive boom caused by the MC Hi-Nu Gundoom, a LOT have been following suit, with varying levels of plastic quality.

One of which is newcomer Dragon Momoko. They previously started with MG kits like the SEED Astray series AND even the big kits from the After Colony era.. Now though, they have slowly moved in to HG territory, starting with the Gundam AGE-1 unit series. AND from what I've heard, the plastic on these kits are just about 85-90% close to the original, which as it's hard to admit, quite something.

This does not mean however that I will embracing DM in full; just porbably on the same level as MC, but not necessarily on the same level as the original (more on this later...)

Which now brings me to the breather project I just commenced a few days ago (emphasis supplied). But for now, I will leave you with this:

Desil Gatette... Do you have enough blades?!

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